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Beyond the legacy of Genghis Khan
AuthorKomaroff, Linda, 1953-
Pub. LocationLeiden ; BostonPublisherBrill
Date2006Phys. Desc.pdf. (xxv, 652 p.) : ill. (some color), maps.
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberDS289.B49 2006d
Beyond the legacy of Genghis Khan / edited by Linda Komaroff.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 439-502) and index.

Contents; List of illustrations; Notes on transliterations and dates; List of contributors; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Culture and Commerce in the Mongol World Empire; Cultural Transmission and Exchange in the Mongol Empire: Notes from the Biographical Dictionary of lbn al-Fuwatī; Diplomatic Missions and Gifts Exchanged by Mamluks and Ilkhans; Jochid Luxury Metalwork: Issues of Genesis and Development; The Maritime Trade of Kish During the MongolPeriod; Ilkhanid Rule and Its Contributions to Iranian Political Culture.

Lifestyles at the Courts of the Ruling Elite Avraga Site: The 'Great Ordū' of Genghis Khan; The Ilkhanid Palace at Takht-i Sulayman: Excavation Results; Hülegü Moves West: High Living and Heartbreak on the Road to Baghdad; The Keshig in Iran: The Survival of the Royal Mongol Household; The Arts of the Book in Ilkhanid Iran; Calligraphers, Illuminators, and Painters in the Ilkhanid Scriptorium; Erudition Exalted: The Double Frontispiece to the Epistles of the Sincere Brethren; In the Beginning: Frontispieces and Front Matter in Ilkhanid and Injuid Manuscripts.

Patronage of the Arts of the Book under the Injuids of Shiraz Thoughts on a Shāhnāma Legacy of the Fourteenth Century: Four Īnjū Manuscripts and the Great Mongol Shāhnāma; The Arts and Artistic Interchange; Paper: The Transformative Medium in Ilkhanid Art; Chinese Motifs in Thirteenth-Century Armenian Art: The Mongol Connection; Pottery under the Mongols; Persian Poetry on Ilkhanid Art and Architecture; State and Religion in Ilkhanid Iran; Horoscopes and Planetary Theory: Ilkhanid Patronage of Astronomers.

Reflections on a 'Double Rapprochement': Conversion to Islam among the Mongol Elite during the Early Ilkhanate Religious Diversity under Ilkhanid Rule c. 1300 as Reflected in the Freer Bal'amī; The Mongol Legacy of Persian Farmāns; Concluding Remarks; The Mongol Empire in World History.

"This publication offers a wide-ranging account of the Mongols in western and eastern Asia in the aftermath of Genghis Khan's disruptive invasions of the early thirteenth century, focusing on the significant cultural, social, religious and political changes that followed in their wake. The issues considered concern art, governance, diplomacy, commerce, court life, and urban culture in the Mongol world empire as originally presented at a 2003 symposium at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and now distilled in this volume. This collection of 23 papers by many of the main authorities in the field demonstrates both the scope and the depth of the current state of Mongol-related studies and will undoubtedly inspire and provoke further research. The text is profusely illustrated by 27 color and 110 black-and-white illustrations"--note.

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Ilkhanid dynasty [Īl-k̲h̲ān]--Congresses
Mongols--History To 1500
Rec. TypeDigital Book (PDF)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #19674
ISBN9781435655034 ; 1435655036LCCN2006049041OCLC290584558