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Musical instruments, gut strings, musicians and Corelli's Sonatas at the Chinese imperial court : the gifts of Clement XI (1700-1720)
AuthorBarbieri, Patrizio
Pub. LocationPistoiaPublisherFondazione accademia di musica italiana per organo di Pistoia
Date2016Phys. Desc.pdf. [pp. 205-257 : ill.]
LocationDigital ArchivesCall NumberML550.C5 B382 2016d
Musical instruments, gut strings, musicians and Corelli’s Sonatas at the Chinese Imperial Court : The gifts of Clement XI (1700-1720) / Patrizio Barbieri.
Extract from: Informazione organistica : rivista della Fondazione accademia di musica italiana per organo di Pistoia. Nuova Serie-n.40 Anno XXVIII-n.2 Dicembre 2016
"Saggi in ricordo di Peter Williams (II)"
Includes bibliographical references and appendix with sources.

“The scope of this study is to illustrate the music and musical instruments sent as a gift in 1719 by Pope Clement XI to the Emperor of China: they included harpsichords, organs, automata, flutes, bowed and plucked string instruments, as well as their stringing. Various music scores were also brought to Beijing, but the only ones named together with their composer are the sonatas and concerti grossi by Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), whose published collections are all present, from Op. I to Op. VI. This will be viewed against the background of conspicuous musical activities at Court carried out by the missionaries sent from Rome during the last years of the reign of Kangxi (1710-1722). An excursus on the positive organs sent to other oriental missions in the same period is also provided.”

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Subject(s)Musical instruments--China--History--Sources
Music--China--History--16th-18th centuries--European influence
Music--China--History--16th-18th centuries--Jesuit influence
Organ (Musical instrument)--China--History
Pereira, Tomás [Tomé] 徐日昇, 1645-1708--Contributions in music
Pedrini, Teodorico 德理格, 1671-1746--Contributions in music
Corelli, Arcangelo, 1653-1713. Sonatas--China--Influence
Music theory--China--Early works to 1800--Jesuit authors
Musical instruments--Construction
Rec. TypeExtract (PDF)LanguageEnglish, Italian
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #19808