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Chengcha biji 乘槎筆記. Hailu 海錄
AuthorXie Qinggao 謝淸高, 1765-1821
Binchun 斌椿
Pub. LocationChangsha 長沙PublisherHunan renmin chubanshe 湖南人民出版社
Date1981Phys. Desc.152 p. in various pagings, [8] p. of plates : ill. ; 19 cm
LocationReading RoomCall NumberG465.C43 1981
Chengcha biji (wai yi zhong) 乘槎筆記 (外一種) / Bin Chun, Xie Qinggao zhu 斌椿, 謝淸高著 ; Zhong Shuhe jijiao 鍾叔河輯校 ; Gu Jishi biaodian 谷及世標點.
Includes: Hailu 海錄 ; Zhifang waiji juan er 職方外紀卷二.

"Hailu 海錄 (Maritime records), Xie Qinggao 謝清高 (1765-1822). Xie boarded a trading vessel (probably Portuguese) and sailed to America, Europe, and Asia. On losing his eyesight, he returned home and dictated his recollections in 1820 to Yang Bingnan. See Kenneth Ch’en, “Hai lu: Forerunner of Chinese Travel Accounts of Western Countries,” MS 7: 208-26 (1942). The work indicates how little was known at the beginning of the nineteenth century in China about the West (contrast Japanese knowledge at this time about not only the West, but also China)." Cf. Wilkinson, Chinese history, a manual, Harvard University Press, 2000, p. 748.

Subject(s)Voyages and travels
Travelers' writings, Chinese--19th century
SeriesZouxiang shijie congshu 走向世界叢書 ; 第1輯, 10種
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文[簡體字]
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition第1版Rec. #230