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La Messe chinoise du Père Hinderer
AuthorBrunner, Paul
Pub. LocationSchöneck/Beckenried, SchweizPublisherSeminar Schöneck/Beckenried
Date1959Phys. Desc.p. 271-284 ; 23 cm.
LocationDigital Archives, and File Cabinet ACall NumberBX2230.5.B896 1959
La Messe chinoise du Père Hinderer / par Paul Brunner, S.J., Manila.
Separat=Abdruck: Neue Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft = Nouvelle revue de science missionaire, XV. Jahrgang, Quinzième année, 1959.
Hinderer's Misa guicheng 彌撒規程 is refered to as Ordo Missae in this study.
Local access dig.pdf. [Brunner-Messe Chinois.pdf]
Subject(s)Hinderer, Romain 德瑪諾, 1668-1744. Misa guicheng 彌撒規程
Mass-Celebration--China--History--18th century
Catholic Church--Liturgy, Chinese--18th century
Sacraments--Catholic Church
Rec. TypeExtract (PDF), and Extract/OffprintLanguageFrench
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #2668