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Fang Hao wenlu 方豪文錄
AuthorFang Hao 方豪, 1910-1980
Pub. LocationBeiping 北平PublisherBeiping Shangzhi bianyiguan 北平上智編譯館
Date1948Phys. Desc.2, 4, 346 p., [4] plates: ill.; 27 cm. + pdf
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberDS740.4.F27 1948
Fang Hao wenlu 方豪文錄 / Fang Hao zhu 方豪著.
Title and table of contents also in English: Studies in the history of the relations between China and the West.
N.B. The text is very fragile; please use the digital edition if possible.
Local access dig.pdf. [Fang Hao wenlu (1948).pdf]

1. Seven Thousand European Books Brought to China by Nicholas Trigault in 1620 – 2. Discovery and Study of the Original Books Translated into Chinese Towards the End of the Ming Dynasty and at the Beginning of the Ching Dynasty – 3. Liampo Mentioned by Some European Travelers of the 16th Century: lts Present Loc,ation – 4. Japanese Influence on the Persecution of Catholicism During the Ching Dynasty – 5. A Preliminary Study of Hsü Hsia-keh's (徐霞客) Relations with European Miíssionaries – 6. China's Positíon in the Early History of Relations Between Japan and Europe – 7. Corrigenda to V. K. Ting's (丁文江)“Chronological Sketch of the Life of Hsü Hsia-keh" (徐霞客先生年講) -- 8. The Imitation of Christ Its Different Editions of Chinese Translations and Comrnentaries -- 9. An lnvestigation of the Number of Volumes of Chinese Translation Completed and Engraved of the "Dialectica Aristoteles Commentarii Collegii Conimbricensis” – 10. On the Original MSS of "Hsin Li Chen Chuan" (種理真詮) by Alexander De La Charme in Mandarin and in Classical Style -- 11. On the Alterations of the Text of "T'ien Chu Shih I" (天主實義) of Matteo Ricci – 12. Collating Doctor Paul Hsü’s (徐光啟) "Eulogy of the Picture of Jesus" (耶穌象讚) – 13. On the Study of Chinese Classics Made by the European Missionaries Who Came to China During the 17th and 18th Centuries – 14. A Brief Historical Account about Chinese Students in Europe before the Reign of T'ung Chih ( 同治1862) -- 15. On the Map Survey of Yü-ching, Kweichow (餘麗,貴州) by Xavier-Ehrenbert Fridelli in 1714 – 16. On a Manuscript Copy by Tao Yen (陶琰) of Chen Pan-chiao's (鄭棍橋) "Tao-ching" (道情) – 17. On the Posthumous Title, Ming Tao Chen Chiueh Shan Shih (明道正覺禪師),of Ang Chi Shen (岇溪森) , A Famous Bonze: Its Date of Conferring -- 18. On the Chinese Name of Adam Schall von Bell – 19. On a Chinese Letter Written by Ferdinand Verbiest – 20. Notes to the " Shan Chü Yun" ( 山居詠) of Philip Wang (王徵) , A Famous Christian of the Ming Dynasty – 21. Notes on the Four Books of the Astronomical Encyclopedia of Adam Schall, Shuin Chih (順治) Edition – 22.European Missionaries in China Towards the End of the Ming Dynasty and the Beginning of the Ching Dynasty: Their Relations with the Chinese intelligentia – 23. A Study of the lntroduction of Latín Language into China – 24. Notes on the "Il Mappamondo cinese del P . Matteo Ricci" -- 25. Notes on the Col1ected Works of Wu Yü-shan (吳漁山) – 26. Wang Shih-ku's (王石谷) Religious Belief. -- 27. Four lnstances of the General Living Standard During the Ching Dynasty – 28. Jews Appointed to be Officials in Yünan at the Beginning of the Ching Dynasty – 29. Some Eurasians in China Towards the End of the Ming Dynasty and the Beginning of the Ching Dynasty—30. Galileo and the Introduction of Science into China – 31. lntroduction of the Telescope into China, Corea and Japan before the Death of Galileo -- 32. On the Origin of “Hsiang T'u Hsih" (相偷戲) and "Ta Chu Hsih" (打簇戲) -- Mohammedanism in Chekiang Province -- The Possibility of Relations between the Europeans and the Family of Tsao Hsueh-king ( 曹雪芹), author of the “Red Chamber Dreams" (紅樓夢) -- Notes on the Clock-repairer in the “Red Çhaτnber Dreams" -- The Auto-machines Mentioned in the "Red Chamber Dreams" -- Notes on the "Spring-morning-in-the-Palace-of-Han Folding Screen described in the " Red Chamber Dreams" -- A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Joseph Ma Hsiang-po (馬相伯) -- A Biographical Sketch of Rev. Father Vincent Lebbe (雷鳴遠) -- ADDENDA

Subject(s)China--Relations--Foreign countries
Catholic Church--China
Sino-Western relations--History
Jesuits--Missions--China--History--17th-18th centuries
Jesuits--China--History--Late Ming-Early Qing dynasties, 1550-1800
Rec. TypeBook, and Digital Book (PDF)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #2717