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Tianzhu shengjiao rumen wenda 天主聖教入門問答. [Jap-Sin I, 173.3]
AuthorGarcía, Juan de Leon 施若翰, 1605-1665
Díez, Francisco 蘇方積, 1606–1646
Pub. LocationTaibei 臺北PublisherTaipei Ricci Institute 利氏學社
Date2002Phys. Desc.v. 2, pp. 385-581 ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBX1665.A2 Y47 2002 v.2
Tianzhu shengjiao rumen wenda 天主聖教入門問答 / Shi Ruohan 施若翰 (Juan García).
In: Yesuhui Luoma dang'anguan Ming-Qing Tianzhujiao wenxian 耶穌會羅馬檔案館明清天主教文獻 / Edited by Nicolas Standaert [鐘鳴旦] [and] Adrian Dudink [杜鼎克]. See main entry.

Jap-Sin I, 173.3
Tianzhu shengjiao rumen wenda 天主聖教入門問答.
By Shi Ruohan 施若翰 (Juan García, 1606–1665).
Revised by Su Fangji 蘇方積 (Francisco Díez, 1606–1646).
Two juan. Bamboo paper in one volume, European style. No date or place of publication.

There is a Latin inscription on the cover: "Thien Chu Sem | Kiao ge muen uen | ta. | Interrogationes & | reflexiones pro catechumenibus. Auctore Xi Jo han, de Congregatione de propanganda (chuanjiaohui 傳教會: 'ordo Praedicatorum' instead of 'congregatio de Propaganda Fide') & Su Fan çì."
At the beginning there is a synopsis, dated 1642 (Chongzhen renwu 壬午). There are eight columns in each half folio; the first column of each paragraph contains seventeen characters and the other columns sixteen. The middle of each folio bears the title of the book with the number of the folio and Arabic numbers. The whole book contains sixty-five folios. The last folio is so damaged that it is almost illegible.
[Contents identical to Jap-Sin 1, 173.1]. Cf. Rosso, p. 107 (n. 8) and p. 111 (n. 20).
Source: Albert Chan, S.J. Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 234-235.
Subject(s)Catechisms, Chinese--17th century
Catholic Church--China--Catechisms
Catholic Church--China--Doctrines--17th century--Sources
Dominicans--Missions--China--17th century--Contributions in theology
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #2858