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[ Persecution of Catholics in China. 1952b ]
AuthorFrancis A. Rouleau, S.J. Archives
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1952Phys. Desc.2 doc. folders ; 38 x 24 cm.
LocationArchive CabinetCall NumberBX3743.R6 1952-1968
[Persecution of Catholics in China. 1952b] / collected by Fr. Francis A. Rouleau, S.J.
1952 folders (A-B). Clippings, copies, and reports from various Catholic mission journals, newsletters, and newspapers concerning the persecution of Catholics in China in 1952.

List of persons/topics in these articles from 1952:
Fides doc. 12. I. 1952. v. II, n. 26, pp. 208-210 on the persecution of Fr. Chang, S.J. (in French); imprisonment of Fr. Eugene Lauzon, S.J.; International Fides Service Feb. 9th, 1952. #297, NE 49, Asia China Shanghai “Aurora University” students about sacrifices to Bp. Kiung [Kong]; death of Frs. Anthony Renson & Henry Ullings, persecution of Vincentian Fr. Henri Hermans, Jesuit Frs. Alfred Bonningue, Louis Watine, Henry Pollet & Rene Archen; Rev. Thomas J. Bauer, M.M. about torturing Monsignor Eugene Fahy, S.J., imprisoned with Jesuit Rev. James E. Thornton and Frs. William D. Ryan & Paul Beauce, arrival of Rev. Rudolf Blockinger, O.F.M. Cap.; Fides Nov. 1-52 on expulsion of Fr. Joseph Szajko, S.J. from Shanghai; International Fides Service Jan. 5th, 1952, #292, NE 6 on arrest of Rev. Philip Cote S.J., Bp. of Suzhou, Jiangsu, along Rev. Paul Chang, S.J., Revs. Paul Hsu & Paul Kiang; International Fides Service Jan. 26th, 1952, #295, NE 32 on expulsion of Canadian Jesuits, Revs. Maurice Begin, Leon Malois & Philip Guimet; Rev. Eugene Lauzon, S.J. on torture; release of Bp. Philip Cote, S.J. along Rev. Horace Labranche & Paul Tien; expulsion of Bp. Philip Cote, S.J.; International Fides Service Mar. 7th, 1953, #351, NE 78. Bp. Zeno Aramburu, S.J., of Wuhu, interview about increasingly failing position in Communist China; Fr. Matthew Su dies in prison; International Fides Service Oct. 4th, 1952, # 329, NE 290 on release of Sts. Mercedes Isaśi & Teresa Edsuroy from the Sisters of Marcy of Berritz; Msgr. Eugene Fahy congratulates Abp. Joseph Kuo on consecration; American Jesuits in China, San Francisco, IV-5 May 1952 on exit visas for Frs. Donohoe, Klaeser, Latham, Rouleau, Jack Clifford, LeSage, Gatz & John Brennan, no applications for Frs. Charles McCarthy, Philips, Houle & Palm; American Jesuits in China, San Francisco, IV-10 October 1952, on transfers to Japan; (Fides) Apr. 12-52 on expulsion of Rev. George Germain, S.J., rector of Aurora University; arrests at Zikawei Orphanage of Rev. John Billot, S.J. & St. Pia de Moppay; Chengdu without foreign missionary priests; International Fides Service June 14th, 1952, # 315, NE 188 on barbarous treatment, arrival in Hong Kong of Jesuit Msgr. Eugene Fahy and Revs. James Thornton, William Ryan & Paul Beauce; Fr Louis J. Dowd, S.J. on desolation; International Fides Service June 14th, 1952, # 315, NE 189 on Msgr. Fahy’s treatment in prison.

Life Magazine Sept. 8th, 1952, pp.126-146 on Msgr. Eugene E. Fahy’s time before, during, and after imprisonment by the Communists. In Yangchow (Yangzhou) with Frs. Thornton, Ryan, Beaucé, Liou (Liu) and Br. Fekete. Attacks by Lo Ping-yeh (Luo Pingye). Speech by Chu Shih Ch’ang (Zhu Shichang).

Fides doc. 22. XI. 1952, vol. II, n. 43, pp. 371-376 on P. Biaucé’s treatment before and during imprisonment (in French); Louis J. Dowd, S.J. on mistreatment in Nanking (Nanjing) and Yangchow (Yangzhou); Rev. John B. Ebel, series on noted converts; Msgr. Fahy and Frs. William D. Ryan, James Thornton & Paul Beauce are released; Fr. Albert R. O’Hara, S.J. on bleak Christmas; Apostolic Letter to the martyr-church of China; (Fides) Jan 26-52 on imprisonment of Sts. Mercedes Isasi and Theresa Elorduy; International Fides Service Feb. 2nd, 1952, # 296, NE 39 on candidates for priesthood in Wuhu held on starvation diet; International Fides Service Mar. 15th, 1952, # 302, NE 94 on children’s letter from Tou Se Wei (Tushanwan 土山灣) orphanage saving Rev. John Billot, S.J. jail; Fr. Edward J. Murphy, S.J. introduction to summer school in Formosa; notes on summer school in Formosa; notes on summer school in Formosa; Frederick J. Foley, S.J. on house rules in Jesuit house in Taipei (Taibei), staff: Frs. Edward Murphy, Patrick Shaules, Fredric Weingartner, F.J. Foley, Joseph B. Donohoe, Jose Rodriguez & Br. James Finnegan; International Fides Service Dec. 20th, 1952, # 340, NE 377 on expelled Italian and Spanish missionaries: Rev. Frs. Fausto Gnavi, Adolfo Novella, Mariano Santos & Br. Restituto Diez; Mons. Frederico Melendro, S.J. on treatment of Jesuits in China (in Spanish); (Fides, 29.11.52) on expulsion of Fr. Joseph M.H., S.J. for six crimes; Dominicans open house; International Fides Service May 10th, 1952, #310, NE 150 on numbers of imprisonments and expulsions, name list; Albert O’Hara on China’s new marriage law; letter about future assignments.

Subject(s)Persecution--China--20th century
Political prisoners--China--1949-1989
Communism and Christianity--China--Catholic Church--20th century
Christian martyrs--China--20th century
Rec. TypeArchival materialsLanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #2883