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[ Persecution of Catholics in China. 1953a ]
AuthorFrancis A. Rouleau, S.J. Archives
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1953Phys. Desc.2 doc. folders ; 38 x 24 cm.
LocationArchive CabinetCall NumberBX3743.R6 1952-1968
[Persecution of Catholics in China] / collected by Fr. Francis A. Rouleau, S.J.
1953 folders (A-B). Clippings, copies, and reports from various Catholic mission journals, newsletters, and newspapers concerning the persecution of Catholics in China in 1952.

List of person/topics in these articles from 1953:
U. S. News & World Report, March 13, 1953, Interview with John D. Hayes, Presbyterian Missionary. Imprisoned in Kweiyang (Guiyang), current life in China, the trial; Fr. Joseph Peter McGinn from Maryknoll expelled; U. S. News & World Report, February 20, 1953, “China Blockade: How it Works”; The Saturday Evening Post, September 12, 1953, pp. 32-33, pp. 164-165?, George Weller: “Will Red China Break with Russia?”, including report about Li Lisan, rival of Mao Zedong; The New York Magazine, September 20, 1953, pp. 9, 64, 66, 68, Barbara Ward: “The Fateful Race Between China and India”, a rather economical report; The Saturday Evening Post, June 20, 1953, pp. 27, 119-121, 123, Reginald C. Thomas: “I spied on The Chinese Communists”; Fides doc., 28. II. 1953, vol. II, n. 46, pp. 408-412, Léon Trivière M.E.P.: “Developpement de la Question Agraire en Chine Communiste” (in French); Fides doc., 19. XII. 1953, vol. III, n. 3, pp. 33-39, Léon Trivière M.E.P.: “Le Mariage en Chine Communiste” (in French); Fides doc., 28. III. 1953, vol. II, n. 50, pp. 446-453, Léon Trivière M.E.P.: “La Reeducation des Prisonniers en Chine Communiste (1)”, includes pretrial moves (in French); Fides doc., 28. XI. 1953, vol. III, n. 2, pp. 28-30, Albert R. O’Hara, S.J.: “Chinese Communist Society takes Shape”, Five-Year-Plan, collectivation; Fides doc, 28. XI. 1953, vol. III, n. 2, pp. 16-22, Léon Trivière M.E.P.: “Le Role des Femmes dans la Chine Nouvelle” (in French).

Fides doc., 26. IX. 1953, vol. III, n. 1, pp. 1-15, Léon Trivière M.E.P.: “La Jeunesse de la Chine sous l’Emprise du Communisme” (in French); (Fides, Jan. 31, 1953), Irish Columban Frs. Seumas O’Reilly and Luke O’Reilly mistaken as Soviets; International Fides Service, December 12, 1953, # 390, NE 360, Frs. Theodore Roling, S.V.D. & Hugo Schulz, S.V.D.’s experience, together with Fr. Louis Andrea, S.M.B.; (Fides, March 21, 1953), Lanchow (Lanzhou) regional seminary, Episcopal Bp. Buddenbrock; Book review: “Cavalry in China”, Fr. Robert Greene, Maryknoller, Fr. John F. Donovan, superior; International Fides Service January 10, 1953, # 343, NE 9, Fr. McGinn’s ordeal, met Frs. William O’Hara, C.M., Paul Duchesne, M.M., Albert O’Hara, S.J. & Bp. Pashang (Bashang) of Kongmoon (Jiangmen); International Fides Service, December 6, 1953, # 389, NE 357, Msgr. Hermenegild Hintringer, O.FM.Cap., Prefect Apostolic of Kiamusze (Jiamusi) heading the list of expelled; Zealandia, May 7, 1953, Rev. Francis Xavier Ford, D.D. martyred, recollected by Str. Joan Marie from Maryknoll; International Fides Service, February 28, 1953, # 350, NE 65, Release of Franciscan Mtrs. St. Aubert & Dos Prazeres, originally additionally charged were Mtrs. Achille, Robertlebis, Bilhildis Just & Venantia; Fides, 7/20/53, overseas Chinese; (Fides, Jan. 3, 1953), Bp. Charles van Melckebecke of Ninghsia (Ningxia) will serve from outside; (Fides), July 11, 1953, Brs. of the Society of the Divine Word back from Tsingtao (Qingdao): Matthew (John Swift), Michael Kirsch, Paul Christ, William Witte, Paul Karlheim, Ernest Montag, Casper Sinzig & Francis Maus, as Franciscan priests Edmund Trachternach, Edward Sauvage, Carhaix France, Fabian Bougeard & Burkhard born Napiersky; International Fides Service, March 21, 1953, # 353, NE 90 on expelled Bethlehem Mission Society Fr. Jorrit De Boer in Talihsien (Dalixian); International Fides Service, November 21, 1953, # 387, NE 341 on Fr. Siegried Schneider, O.F.M. of Wuchang and nine others expelled; International Fides Service, June 20, 1953, # 366, NE 185, arriving in Hong Kong: Fr. Joseph Wehner, Strs. Lucentia (B. Leber) & Mary Dulcena (Mary Woitukiewiez); [Fides], expelled: Rev. Augustine Olbert, S.V.D., Bp. of Tsingtao (Qingdao), Frs. John Dahlenkamp, S.V.D., Joseph Kaufhold, S.V.D., William Kreomer, S.V.D. & Bertram Rüssel, S.V.D.

International Fides Service, March 7, 1953, # 351, NE 80 on expulsion of Abp. Rev. Luke Capozi, O.F.M. of Taiyuan; (Fides), Dec. 12-53, four Strs. Of the Immaculate Conception arriving in Hong Kong from Szepingkai (Sipingjie): Marie Josephine (Elaine Gravel), Ste Emerentienne (Berte Fleurent), Marie de la Charite (Corine Bourassa) & Marie Germaine (Germaine Gravel); International Fides Service, December 12, 1953, # 390, NE 359, treatment of Bp. Faustino Tissot from Chengchow (Zhengzhou), arriving in Hong Kong: Revs. Theodore Franco, S.X. & Salvatore Santi, S.X. of Loyang (Luoyang), Brs. Valerian Germano & Rigoni, S.X. of Chengchow (Zhengzhou); The Church World, 1/30/53, Fr. Peter Crevits model prisoner; International Fides Service, February 14, 1953, # 348, NE 50/51, Br. Leo Stocco of Parma Mission Society in Chengchow (Zhengzhou) mistreated and expelled; 2/19/53, expulsion of Br. Leo Stocco; [Fides], arrivals in Hong Kong: Amoy (Xiamen) Bp. John B. Velasco, O.P., Rev. John Fernandez, O.P., Frs. August Barreau, M.E.P from Pakhoi Diocese & Schmitz, S.V.D.

Subject(s)Persecution--China--20th century
Political prisoners--China--1949-1989
Communism and Christianity--China--Catholic Church--20th century
Christian martyrs--China--20th century
Ford, Francis Xavier, 1892-1952
Rec. TypeArchival materialsLanguageEnglish, French
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #2886