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[ Persecution of Catholics in China. 1953b ]
AuthorFrancis A. Rouleau, S.J. Archives
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1953Phys. Desc.2 doc. folders ; 38 x 24 cm.
LocationArchive CabinetCall NumberBX3743.R6 1952-1968
[Persecution of Catholics in China] / collected by Fr. Francis A. Rouleau, S.J.
1953 folders (A-B). Clippings, copies, and reports from various Catholic mission journals, newsletters, and newspapers concerning the persecution of Catholics in China in 1952.

List of persons/topics in these articles from 1953:
International Fides Service, March 28, 1953, # 354, NE 96, Arriving in Hong Kong: Revs. John M. Struyven, Trappist priest of Chengtingfu (Zhengdingfu), Hopei (Hebei) & Rene Flament, Vincentian priest; International Fides Service, November 28, 1953, # 388, NE 350, Hankow (Hankou) church desecrated, Fr. Gervasius Rossato, O.F.M. arrives; (Fides, Febr. 7, 1953), Fr. Joseph Seng of Hanyang Diocese dies, witnessed by Fr. John Billot, S.J., arrests of: Msgrs. Gabriel Quint Ch’en & Gustave Prevost, Frs. Francis X. Legrand, Aiden McGrath, Matthew Ch’en & Joseph Seng; Fides doc., 28. XI. 1953, vol. III, N. 2, pp. 23-28, S.E.Mons. Juan B. Velasco, O.P.: “Cuatro Años de Comunismo en Amoy”; (Fides, Jan. 3, 1953), expulsion of Srs. Alphonse du Rédempteur & Marie Germaine (Germaine Gravel) from Canton (Guangzhou), Sr. Imelda of Hong Kong informed, welcomed by Msgr. Martin T. Gilligan & Fr. Albert R. O’Hara; International Fides Service, January 31, 1953, # 346, NE 35, Sr. Dominic Marie Turner from Kongmoon (Jiangmen) released, Fr. John Toomey, M.M., expelled earlier; Bp. Cuthbert M. O’Gara, C.P. of Yuanling released; Advocate, 11/21/53, interview with Bp. Cuthbert M. O’Gara, C.P. about ordeal; International Fides Service, May 9, 1953, # 360, NE 142, arrival in Hong Kong of Rev. Cuthbert O’Gara, Bp. of Yuanling, and Revs. Paul Ubinger, C.P. & William Westoben; release of Bp. John A. O’Shea, C.M. of Kanchow (Ganzhou); January 15, 1953, expulsion of Str. Vincent Loise DeLude, D.C. of Kanchow (Ganzhou), reunion with Str. Louise Cush, D.C.; (Fides, Feb. 14, 1953), Vincentian Fr. Joseph Hill of Kanchow (Ganzhou), Kaingsi (Guangxi) leaves for Hong Kong; International Fides Service.

October 31, 1953, # 384, NE 321, Frs. John Brambilla & John Carbone, both with P.I.M.E., leave Kaifeng, Honan (Henan) for Hong Kong; International Fides Service, November 7, 1953, # 385, NE 328/329, arriving in Hong Kong from Kaifeng: Frs. Henfy Vigo, P.I.M.E., Dionysius Busnelli, P.I.M.E. & Victor Pollo, P.I.M.E., arriving from Chengchow (Zhengzhou) Parma Missionary Frs. Sperindio Orlandini & Joseph Zanini, arrest of Brothes Stocco, M.D., ordeal for Brs. Gemma & Rigoni; International Fides Service, November 21, 1953, # 387, NE 343, Bp. Karl Weber, S.V.D. arrives in Hong Kong from Tientsin (Tianjin), bp. of Ichowfu (Yizhoufu?), Shantung (Shandong); (Fides, Sept. 5, 1953), Bp. Hermenegild Focaccia, O.F.M., dies at Yutze, Shansi (Shanxi) of heart disease; (Fides, September 19, 1953), arrival in Hong Kong of Fr. Henry Schmitz, S.V.D. from Yengchowfu (Yangzhoufu?); expelled: Bp. Cuthbert M. O’Gara, C.P. of Yuanling, Frs. Paul Ubinger, C.P. & William Westhoven, C.P.; expulsion of three Jesuits: Frs. Mario Francisconi, S.J., Clemente Dutto, S.J. & Constantino Fadda, S.J.; (Fides, Jan. 3, 1953), “Last Foreign Priests Expelled from Nanking - 6 Other Missionaries”: Frs. Gerbert Dierksmeier & Raoul Falaise, missionaries: Rev. Frs. Daniel Sicard, S.J., Juan B Lazpita, S.J., Juan A. Arcaya, S.J., Guerrino Marsecano, S.J., Rudolph Frish, S.V.D. & Rev. Br. Francisco Mendiburu; American missionaries still imprisoned in Shanghai: Thomas L. Phillips, S.J., Charles J. McCarthy, S.J., John A. Houle, S.J., John William Clifford, S.J. & Joseph McCormack, M.M.; International Fides Service, November 21, 1953, # 387, NE 342, Fr. Henry Pattyn, S.J. arrives from Pekin (Beijing); (Fides, Feb. 14, 1953), Fr. Joseph Jaeggy, S.J. arrives from Tientsin (Tianjin) in Hong Kong, with Fr. Enrico Rimaldi, P.I.M.E. of Weihwei (Weihui) Mission in Honan (Henan); 1/30/53, nine priests: Frs. Joseph Caron, S.J., Aurelian Demers, S.J., Matthias Haberl, S.V.D., Guiseppe Muttoni, S.J., Pietro Donatelli, S.J., Luis Castillo, S.J. & Francis Xerica, and four nuns starved and expelled, also expelled: Frs. Innocente Burroni, O.F.M. & Bartlme Elmar, O.F.M., Bp. Msgr. Zeno Arramburu remains confined with seven priests and four brothers, Jesuit Frs. Chang & Hu forced to live with progressivists.

Catholic Opinion, January 25, 1953, Fr. Jose Rodriguez expelled for harboring downed pilot, also expelled Frs. Alonso Barandiaran, S.J. & Henri Cotto of Paris foreign Mission Society; (Fides, Dec. 12-53), Rev. F.X. Tchao, S.J., Bp. of Diocese of Sienhsien (Xian Xian) in Hopeh (Hebei), is detected, release of other priests, still jailed: Frs. Chrysostom Chang & Joseph Wang; Fr. Su dies in Wuhu, ousted: Frs. Emeric Kekessy, Avelino Echarri, S.J., Emanuel Reinaud, S.J. & Br. Barrenechea, S.J.; Catholic Review, 2/6/53, Fr. Matthew Su of Wuhu dies of starvation; American Jesuits in China, April, 1953, vol. II, No. 4, Msgr. Fahy organizes Yangchow Guardians, Frs. Joseph Donohoe & Shaules teach Beda Tsang Hall; American Jesuits in China, March 1953, vol. II, No. 3, news from Formosa; (Fides, Dec. 2-53), Fr. Richard Kennedy being nursed by Chinese convert; nine priests and four nuns: Strs. Angeles Acha, Pilar Ibanez, Josefa Iraola & Freforia Otaegui, arrive in Hong Kong, earlier arrival: Fr. Peter Crevets; (Fides, Jan. 31, 1953), two French Jesuits, Frs. Francis Thery, S.J. & John Billot, S.J., arrive in Hong Kong; International Fides Service, January 3, 1953, # 342, NE 1, Rev. Daniel Sicard, S.J. arrives in Hong Kong from overcrowded jail; International Fides Service, January 31, 1953, # 346, NE 34, 15 cross over to Hong Kong: from Anking (Anjing) Frs. Francisco Jaureguizar, S.J., Juan del Rio, S.J., Brs. Blas Burguaga, S.J., Aguio, S.J., Pariente, S.J., José Joaristi, S.J., Frs. Francisco Echaverria, S.J., from Pengpu (Bengbu), Anhwei (Anhui) Francisco Biancolini, Emilio Putero, Donato Scattaglia, Dominico Gras, S.J. & Modesto Vasquez, S.J., no more missionaries in Anking (Anjing); Francis Fallert, S.J. & Leonard Kaufer, S.J.: “The Story of a Catechism Class”; (Fides, July 18, 1953), Rev. Clement Dutto, S.J., reports about Ankwei (Ankui) northeast of Pengpu (Bengbu); Edward J. Murphy, S.J.: report of student Theresa Chang; Theresa Chang; American Jesuits in China, 1953, closure of Zikawei, Fr. Lacrotelle in prison.

Subject(s)Persecution--China--20th century
Political prisoners--China--1949-1989
Communism and Christianity--China--Catholic Church--20th century
Christian martyrs--China--20th century
Xujiahui 徐家匯 (Shanghai 上海)--History
Rec. TypeArchival materialsLanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #2893