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[ Persecution of Catholics in China. 1957 ]
AuthorFrancis A. Rouleau, S.J. Archives
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1957Phys. Desc.doc. folder ; 38 x 24 cm.
LocationArchive CabinetCall NumberBX3743.R6 1952-1968
[Persecution of Catholics in China] / collected by Fr. Francis A. Rouleau, S.J.
1957 folder. Clippings, copies, and reports from various Catholic mission journals, newsletters, newspapers concerning the persecution of Catholics in China in 1952.

List of persons/topics in these articles from 1957:
Register, Feb. 4, 1957, Frs. Gerald J. Pope, S.J. & Louis J. Dowd, S.J. withdraw from teaching in Nanking (Nanjing); Fr. Patrick Shaules, S.J.: “Hsinchu Mission Letter”, boom time for church; Jack Deeney, S.J.: “Jesuit House of Correction”, St. Francis Xavier, Fr. Noel Chabanel, S.J.; International Fides Service, January 19, 1957, # 547, NE 16, Chinese refugees in Macau entrusted to Bp. Rev. Polycarp da Costa; International Fides Service, April 27, # 561, NE 115, “The Church in Macao”; [Fides], “The Chinese Diaspora”; [Fides], 2/9/57, overseas Chinese and Singapore; International Fides Service, August 24, 1957, # 576, NE 229, “Chinese in Canada”; International Fides Service, February 2, 1957, # 549, NE 29, foreign missionaries in China in early 1957: Revs. Peter Hengsberg, Fulgence Cross, Cyril Wagner, Charles McCarthy, Hohn Houle, Anatole Chestin, James Walsh, Joseph McCormack, Kim, Yen, Gratian Kolodziechik, Alex Bulkiewicz, Srs. Winifred Duff, Caroline Bordeleau, Cecile Levoille, Olga Fedorawich, Stefanie Mugler, Helen Hanlon, Catherine Rogan, Molly O’Sullivan, Therese Grossens, Irene Zarotiadi & Rose Millefante; International Fides Service, February 23, 1957, # 552, NE 55, on situation in China, Rev. Malcolm Mackay; various articles on contemporary China.

Subject(s)Persecution--China--20th century
Political prisoners--China--1949-1989
Communism and Christianity--China--Catholic Church--20th century
Christian martyrs--China--20th century
Rec. TypeArchival materialsLanguageEnglish
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #2899