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[ Persecution of Catholics in China. 1966 ]
AuthorFrancis A. Rouleau, S.J. Archives
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1966Phys. Desc.doc. folder ; 38 x 24 cm.
LocationArchive CabinetCall NumberBX3743.R6 1952-1968
[Persecution of Catholics in China] / collected by Fr. Francis A. Rouleau, S.J.
1966 folder. Clippings, copies, and reports from various Catholic mission journals, newsletters, newspapers concerning the persecution of Catholics in China in 1952.

List of persons/topics in these articles from 1966:
NCWC News Service (Foreign), 6/10/66, Fr. John Kay Wei Chung dies in prison camp; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 9/20/66, Catholics quadruple in Taiwan; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 12/3/66, Fujen (Furen) University, Abp. Paul Yu Pin; [Fides], 11/16/66 on mountain tribes in Taiwan; [NCWC], 12/28/66, hostel for factory girls, Fr. Edward J. Wojniak, S.V.D.; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 11/3/66, aborigines in Taiwan, Fr. Richard Devoe, M.M., Abp. Stanislaus Lo Kuang (Luo Guang) of Taipei (Taibei) ; [Fides], 10/22/66, problems in mission of Hwalien (Hualian), Taiwan, Rev. Andrew J. Verineux; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 10/20/66, automotive schools in central Taiwan, Fr. Joseph A. McDonald; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 9/30/66, drop in conversions in Taiwan; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 6/21/66, meeting of 19 active orders, chairman Bp. Frederick A. Donaghy; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 5/17/66, problems in Chinese mass; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 5/6/66, Fr. Edmund L. Fitzgerald, S.J. on sanitary engineering; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 4/7/66, rhythm clinics in Taiwan, Sr. Antonia Maria (Maryknoll); NCWC News Service (Foreign), 3/1/66, Church & population growth in Taiwan; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 2/22/66, Church & Daoism, Fr. John Wiggins, M.M.

NCWC News Service (Foreign), 1/12/66, hostels for students in Taiwan, Fr. Peter Cheng; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 1/15/66, rhythm clinics in Taiwan, Fr. Bartley Schmitz, S.V.D.; George V. Donohoe, S.J.: “Tien Center’s Sodality ‘Vista’ or ‘Peace Corps’ Program”; letter from Robert J. Ronald, S.J. (with pictures); “Ricci Institute for Chinese Studies”, Fr. Thomas Carroll, S.J.; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 1/21/66, training for mission, Bp. Stanislaus Lo Kuang of Tainan; NCWC News Service (Foreign), 6/6/66, appointment Fr. Deeney, S.J. to Taiwan Normal University Research Institute, Prof. Liang Shih-chiu (Liang Shiqiu); NCWC News Service (Foreign), 4/15/66, Fr. James Roche at Kuangchi Radio Service; various articles about contemporary China; various “Bamboo Shoots” by Msgr. Eugene E. Fahy, S.J.

Subject(s)Persecution--China--20th century
Political prisoners--China--1949-1989
Communism and Christianity--China--Catholic Church--20th century
Christian martyrs--China--20th century
Catholic Church--Taiwan--20th century
Taiwan 臺灣--Church history--20th century
Rec. TypeArchival materialsLanguageEnglish, French
CollectionRouleau ArchivesRec. #2911