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Zhai zhi 齋旨. Siduo huaren jiuyao 司鐸化人九要
AuthorRicci, Matteo 利瑪竇, 1552-1610
Pub. LocationTaibei Xian 臺北縣PublisherFuren daxue Shenxueyuan 輔仁大學神學院
Date1996Phys. Desc.vol. 1, pp.1-36 ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBX1665.A2 H85 1996 v.1
1. Matteo Ricci 利瑪竇, Zhai zhi 齋旨, with appendix: Siduo huaren jiuyao 司鐸化人九要 (1A old ms., incomplete; 1B modern ms., complete)--preface.

Bibliographical Citation:
007R ZKW 222.3 (Xu 425) [c] [Xu 185, CY 114]
ms., Matteo Ricci, Zhai zhi 齋旨, old copy booklet, 11 ff. (6/22); possibly copied from a printed edition; title-page: Yuanxi Yesuhuishi Li Madou xuan 遠西耶穌會士利瑪竇選 / 齋旨 / Siduo huaren jiuyao fuhou 司鐸化人九要附後 ; ff. 1a-4a: Zhai zhi; ff. 5a-11b (no author mentioned): Siduo huaren jiuyao; the text breaks off at the end of folio 11 (for the last 77 characters of the text see 008R).-- Cf. Adrian Dudink, "The Zikawei Collection" (Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XVIII
(1996)), p. 14.

008R ZKW- [c] ms., Zhai zhi and Siduo huaren jiuyao, 7. ff. (9/25). Note 40: See FR II, p. 161, n.1). "Gu Baogu 顧保鵠 (in Hengyi 恆毅 32/7, Feb. 1983, pp. 12-14) ... argues that this version ... is the draft text, mentioned by Ricci in Jiren shipian (TXCH 1.197). He points out that Christian terms in Siduo huaren jiuyao are quite old and that it is not certain at all that it is by a modern author (as d'Elia states)."--Cf. Adrian Dudink, "The Zikawei Collection" (Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XVIII (1996)), p. 14.

In volume 1 of: Xujiahui cangshulou Ming Qing Tianzhujiao wenxian 徐家匯藏書樓明清天主教文獻.
For complete contents see:
Standaert, Nicolas, Xujiahui cangshulou Ming Qing Tianzhujiao wenxian 徐家匯藏書樓明清天主教 文獻. For a description of all 37 texts, see the catalog of the Fujen Zikawei collection in Sino-Western Cultural Relations Journal XVIII (1996), or see individual records.

Subject(s)Fasting--Religious aspects--Christianity
Fasting--Religious aspects--Buddhism
SeriesXujiahui cangshulou Ming-Qing Tianzhujiao wenxian 徐家匯藏書樓明清天主教文獻
Rec. TypeBook (Text in Collection)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition初版Rec. #3194