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AuthorCatholic Church. Diocese of Canton (China). Archives
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1850-1950Phys. Desc.7 [35 x 43 cm.] archive boxes
LocationArchive CabinetCall NumberCanton 1-7
Restricted access. Please contact the Ricci Institute for more information.

Information compiled Fr. Michel Marcil 滿而溢, S.J. and Sr. Mary Celeste Rouleau, R.S.M.
Background: Xerox copies of original materials from the archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Canton administered by the Paris Foreign Missions Society (MEP).
Description: 7 boxes: Approximately 10,000 documents, consisting of correspondence, reports, records and other printed materials in French, Latin, English, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese. Documents are arranged in tied bundles as described below.

Note: Three sheets are included in Box 1:
[A] "Contents: Canton Archives", initialed and dated: MCR 5/87 (Marie-Celeste Rouleau, May 1987); 14 bundles, with the total number of documents in each bundle, plus the number of documents in the different languages.
[B] "Rev. Pe Manuel Teixeira, Seminario de S. Jose, Dicose de Macau (Documentos)".
[C] "Documentos" and "Copias", in Portuguese and Chinese.
Some bundles are wrapped in recycled paper with the letterhead of the China Jesuit History Project located in the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center, Los Gatos in 1987.

BOX 1 : 14 Bundles: 1418 documents: 762 in French; 517 in Latin; 95 in English; 23 in Italian; 18 in Chinese; 3 in Portuguese.
Bundle 1. Five Year Reports to the Vatican. 2 Documents in Latin [1930 & 1935]. Partial translation in French.
Bundle 2. Encyclical letters. Instructions. Reports to Propaganda Fide (1886-1943). 26 Documents: 22 in Latin. 4 in French.
Bundle 3. Correspondence with Apostolic Delegation. 180 Letters: 1922-1929: 124 in Latin; 56 in French.
Bundle 4. Correspondence with Apostolic Delegation. 232 Letters: 1930-1949: 90 in Latin; 132 in French; 5 in Chinese 3 in English; 2 in Italian.
Bundle 5. Correspondence. Neighboring Missions. Holy Childhood, Archives. 63 Documents: 50 in French; 7 in Latin; 4 in English; 2 in Chinese.
Bundle 6. Mission of Canton. Mission of Swatow. 4 Documents: 2 in Latin 2 in French.
Bundle 7. Correspondence with Propaganda Fide. 226 Letters;: 1891-1946 (not in order) 160 in Latin, 27 in French, 20 in Italian 18 in English, 1 in Chinese.
Bundle 8. Correspondence 1928-1945 Synodal Commission; Apostolic Delegate (Pekin). 126 Letters: 89 in French, 37 in Latin.
Bundle 9, I. Correspondence (1924-1947). Sancian. Wuchow. Kaying. Canton & Pakkoi. Shiuchow. Nanking. Kunming. Changsha. Hong Kong. Swatow. 367 Letters: 245 in French, 65 in English, 48 in Latin, 6 in Chinese, 2 in Portuguese, 1 in Italian.
Bundle 9, II. Canton & Pakkoi. Pac-hoi.
Bundle 10. 5 Year Report (1940). 1 Document in Latin.
Bundle 11. Circulars, Correspondence with Missions étrangerès de Paris (1925-1946) 128 Letters: 127 in French, 1 in English.
Bundle 12. History Articles. (Different Periods). 25 Documents: 12 in Latin, 8 in French, 3 in Chinese 2 in English.
Bundle 13. Historical Archives. 38 documents: 22 in French, 12 in Latin, 2 in English, 1 in Chinese, 1 in Portuguese.

Box 2-7 descriptions under construction

Subject(s)Catholic Church. Diocese of Canton--Archives
Guangzhou 廣州--Church history--Archives
Catholic Church--China--Guangdong Sheng--Guangzhou Shi--Archival materials
Catholic Church--Missions--China--History--19th-20th centuries--Sources
Rec. TypeArchival materialsLanguageFrench, Latin, English, Italian, Chinese
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #3982