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Zhengtong Daozang 正統道藏. [Daozang 道藏]
AuthorQiu Changchun 丘長春, 1148-1227
Xin wenfeng chuban gongsi 新文豐出版公司. Bianjibu 編輯部
Pub. LocationTaibei 台北PublisherXinwenfeng chuban 新文豐出版
Date1977Phys. Desc.60 v. (49087 p.) : ill. ; 22 cm. + 1 vol. index.
LocationSilver RoomCall NumberBL1900.A3 1977
Zhengtong Daozang 正統道藏 / [bianzuanzhe Baiyunguan Changchunzhenren 編纂者白雲觀長春眞人 ; Xinwenfeng chuban gongsi bianjibu ji 新文豐出版公司編輯部輯].
"Zongmulu 總目錄 / Baiyun jizhuan 白雲霽撰 ; Xinwenfeng bianshenbu bianji 新文豐編審部編輯" -- Index t.p.
Each page represents 2 leaves of the original. 民國66 [1977].

“…collection of scriptures that came to be termed Daozang 道藏 (Daoist canon) grew over the centuries. Since the Tang, the imperial court sponsored its publication on at least five occasions. None have survived. A new version was compiled between 1406 and 1445 and was the first to be printed (in 1447). It is often referred to as the Zhengtong Daozang 正統道藏 (Daoist canon of the Zhengtong era)…..Much of what the Daozang contains cannot be found elsewhere and it is therefore an important source for historians and not only of Daoism.”
“There are a number of modern reprints: Daozang, 1120 ce, Shanghai: Shangwu, 1923-26 (sometimes called the Hanfenlou 涵芬樓 edition); facs. Rpnt. Yiwen, 1962. Rpnt Xinwenfeng, 60 ce., 1977 (this edition)….N.B. The Index of Zhonghua Daozang volume contains author/title indexes. The Index of Zhonghua Daozang (Fabrizio Pregadio, comp., Golden Elixer, 2009) enables location of Zhengtong Daozang texts in the Zhonghua Daozang and vice-versa.” - - Cf. E. Wilkinson, Chinese history, a new manual: 4th ed. (2015), p. 382

Subject(s)Daoism--Sacred books
Daoist literature, Chinese
Daozang 道藏
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionBibl. Sinensis Soc. IesuRec. #4348