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Qing zhong qianqi Xiyang Tianzhujiao zai Hua huodong dang'an shiliao 清中前期西洋天主教在華活動檔案史料
AuthorZhongguo di 1 lishi dang'anguan 中國第一歷史檔案館
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies 北京中國學中心
Pub. LocationZhonghua shuju 中華書局PublisherZhonghua shuju 中華書局
Date2003Phys. Desc.4 v. : facsimiles, [4, 4] p. of color plates ; 29 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBX3746.C5 Q56 2003
Zhongguo di 1 lishi dang'anguan bian 中國第1歷史檔案館編 ; Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History, University of San Francisco 美國舊金山大學利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所 ; Beijing Center for Language and Culture 北京語言文化中心.
Editorial committee: 清中前期西洋天主教在華活動檔案史料編委會:
顧問 : Xing Yongfu 邢永福 , Ron Anton 讓安東 ; 主編 : Zou Ailian 鄒愛蓮, Wu Xiaoxin 吳小新 ; 副主編 : Hu Zhongliang 胡忠良, Tang Yinian 唐益年 ; 執行編輯 : Guo Hui 郭慧 ; 編輯 : Zhang Xianqing 張先清, Eugenio Menegon 梅歐金 , Thierry Meynard 梅謙立, Li Jing 李靜 ; 圖片攝影 : Huo Hua 霍華, Xu Jie 徐杰.

Acknowledgements 鳴謝:
Nicolas Standaert 鍾銘旦, Ad Dudink 杜鼎克 , R. G. Tiedemann 狄德滿 , Lin Jinshui 林金水, John Witek 魏若望, Brian Minihan 米博元, Michel Marcil 滿而溢, Mark Mir 馬克文, Paul Rule 魯保祿, Jin Guoping 金國平, Zhang Jing 張晶, Hu Yu 胡宇.
Source documents from the First Historical Archives dealing with Catholic (primarily Jesuit) missionaries of the early-mid Qing dynasty. Documents are mainly selected from the archives of the Grand Secretariat, the Grand Council, the Palace Secret Memorial Archives, and the Imperial Household Department. Documents date from the fist year of reign of the Shunzhi Emperor (1644) to the thirtieth year of the Daoguang reign (1850), and include imperial decrees, edicts, memorials and reports to the throne, plus lists of gifts presented to the emperors by Catholic missionaries and deeds of land and house purchased by them.
Vols. 1-3 contains documents illustrating mission activities in various locales in China. Vol. 4 documents are from the record book of work orders in the Workshop Section of the Imperial Household Department, reflecting the tasks and services Western missionaries at the Qing court during the Yongzheng and Qianlong reigns.
"The present compilation .... is the result of collaboration among the First Historical Archives. the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the University of San Francisco, and the Beijing Center for Language and Culture."
Arranged chronologically by reign.
Includes indexes (Chinese-Western names, place-names, names of officials, gardens and palaces).

Preface also in English.
Note from OCLC record: Facsimiles of manuscripts in the First Historical Archives. Notations printed in red were made by the Emperor. "The first three volumes are imperial decrees and edicts, memorials and reports to the throne, etc. The fourth volume describes the service of the Jesuits rendered at the Qing Court"--Accompanying gift letter.

Subject(s)Catholic Church--China--17th-18th centuries--Sources
Jesuits--Missions--China--History--17th-18th centuries--Sources
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition第1版Rec. #46