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Maoshi Shangshu zhushu zhengben 毛氏尚書註疏正本. [Jap-Sin I, 27]
AuthorKong Yingda 孔穎達, 574-648
Kong Anguo 孔安國, 2nd cent. B.C.
Pub. Location[China]PublisherJiguge 汲古閣
Date1632Phys. Desc.6 v. ; n.d.
JapSin I, 27
Mao shi Shangshu zhushu zhengben 毛氏尚書註疏正本.
Preface by Kong Anguo 孔安國 (ca. 150 B.C.) and commentary by Kong Yingda 孔穎達 (574–648).
Twenty juan in six volumes with a jacket. Chinese bamboo paper.
Cherished Jiguge 汲古閣 edition of 1632 (Chongzhen 5). The set is in good condition.

At the end of juan 20 there are two lines in cursive writing: “specially engraved by the family Mao of Guyu (i.e., Changshu in Jiangsu) in the fifth year of the Chongzhen reign (1632).” For the Jiguge and its editions, see Jap-Sin II, 95.

Source: Albert Chan, SJ, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, p. 24.

OCLC record misdated 1623 (Chongzhen 5). Held by ANU. See also OCLC#37589346.

Subject(s)Shujing 書經--Commentaries
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIEdition重刊本Rec. #5299