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Wengong Jiali 文公家禮. [Jap-Sin I, 31]
AuthorZhu Xi 朱熹, 1130-1200
Yang Shen 楊慎, 1488-1559
Pub. LocationNanjing 南京PublisherYungutang 蘊古堂
Date1608Phys. Desc.6 ce in 1 vol. ; n.d.
JapSin I, 31
Wengong Jiali 文公家禮.
By Zhu Xi 朱熹.
Eight juan, six ce. Bamboo paper, bound together in one volume, European style.

According to the title page, this is the Family Rituals written by Zhu Xi, compiled by Mr. Yang Sheng’an 楊升菴先生 (i.e., Yang Shen 楊慎, 1488–1559) and published by the Yungu tang 蘊古堂 of Nanjing. On top of the left side there is a seal in cursive writing giving the place of publication: 蘊古堂藏書. Below on the right side there is a seal in red cursive writing: 金陵書舖廊蘊古堂朱文卿發兌.
At the beginning of the first juan there is a preface by Yang Shen, dated the renyin 壬寅 day of the seventh month of Zhengde gengyin 正德庚寅 (see Jap-Sin I, 9). There follows a preface by Qiu Jun 丘濬 (1418–1495), written in the second month of Chenghua jiawu 成化甲午 (1474). The engraved characters of this preface are in the xingshu 行書 style. It has six columns to every half folio and each column contains twelve characters. It differs from that in the edition of Jap-Sin I, 9, which is in the Song style 宋禮字.
Folio 1a of the first juan reads: “Written by Zhu Xi of Xin’an 新安 (Anhui) in the Song dynasty, compiled by Yang Shen of Chengdu 成都 (Sichuan) in the Ming dynasty.” In the middle of each folio the title is given as Wengong Jiali 文公家禮, but in reality it is only an abridgement of Zhu Xi’s work. Both the engraving and the number of folios are the same as in Jap-Sin I, 9; only the size is different, and the bibliography and Zhu Xi’s original preface do not appear in the present edition.
Cf. Courant 3206; BAV, Racc.Gen.Or. III, 262 (1–8).

Source: Albert Chan, SJ, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 26-27.

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