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Wengong Jiali 文公家禮. [Jap-Sin I, 32]
AuthorZhu Xi 朱熹, 1130-1200
Yang Shen 楊慎, 1488-1559
Pub. LocationSuzhou 蘇州PublisherZhongxiutang 鍾秀堂
Daten.d.Phys. Desc.4 v. ; n.d.
JapSin I, 32
Wengong Jiali 文公家禮.
By Zhu Xi 朱熹 ; compiled by Yang Shen 楊慎 (1488–1559).
Eight juan in four volumes in a jacket.
Bamboo paper. Ming edition.

The title page reads: “The Wengong Jiali compiled by Yang Sheng’an xiansheng personally, wooden blocks in possession of the Zhongxiu tang 鍾秀堂 (cf. Jap-Sin I, 29) and engraved by Shu Yingqi 舒瀛溪 of Jinchang 金閶 (Suzhou, Jiangsu).” Below on the left there is a seal in red cursive writing with the following characters: 鍾秀堂發兌.
The first juan has a preface by Yang Shen, dated the seventh month of Zhengde gengyin 正德庚寅 (cf. Jap-Sin I, 9). The book is similar to those in Jap-Sin I, 9 and 31. In the middle of every folio the title of the book is given as Jiali yijie 家禮儀節. There is neither the preface of Qiu Jun 丘濬nor Zhu Xi’s original preface, but the bibliography is there. The eighth juan ends with the Tudi shen wen er 土地神文二, and the Zayi fulun 雜儀附論 (one folio) is not there.
Cf. Jap-Sin I, (38/42) 40/9d (Jiali hejiao lu).

Source: Albert Chan, SJ, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, p. 27.

Rites and ceremonies--China--History--Ming-Qing dynasties, 1368-1911--Sources
China--Social life and customs--960-1644
Family life--China--Guidebooks--Early works to 1800
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #5305