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Shengci gushi 生祠故事. [Jap-Sin I, (38/42) 39/3]
AuthorXia, Mathias 夏瑪第亞, fl. 1686
Pub. LocationTaibei 臺北PublisherTaipei Ricci Institute 利氏學社
Date2002Phys. Desc.v. 10, p. 67-78 ; 22 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBX1665.A2 Y47 2002 v.10
Shengci gushi 生祠故事 / Xia Madiya zhu 夏瑪第亞著.

JapSin I, (38/42) 39/3
Shengci gushi 生祠故事.
Compiled by Mathias Xia 夏瑪第亞.
Manuscript, five folios. One volume. 24 x 14 cm.

The cover has only the inscription: “贛州夏相公 (Xia xianggong of Ganzhou).”
This manuscript is a continuation of the Shengci yuanyou ce (39/2). It gives anecdotes about the shengci of well known historical figures. The first folio, which records the biography of Xu Zhenjun 許真君 of Jingyang 旌陽 (Hubei), has been misplaced at the end of the book.
The sources of these anecdotes are: Bai Yushan [chan] ji 白玉蟾集; Wenxing cuibian 文行粹編 (cf. Jap-Sin I, 34.a); Dafang Gangjian bu 大方綱鑑補 by Yuan Huang 袁黃; Guoyu 國語; Guangyu ji 廣輿記; Mingchao tongji huizuan 明朝通紀會纂. At the end of the book the author mentions the Xundao yuantou 尋到源頭 by Deng Jingnan 鄧景南, a contemporary of his.
This is a book which attempts to study the origin of everything and in juan 3, folio 5, it states that a shengci was first erected at the time of Han Xuandi 漢宣帝 (73–49 B.C.) for Yu Dingguo 于定國, who decided criminal cases with a fair mind. For this reason the people of the district erected a shengci for him, which was known as the Yugong ci 于公祠.

Source: Albert Chan, SJ, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, p. 41.

Subject(s)Shengci 生祠 (Shrines)--History
Rites and ceremonies--China
SeriesChinese Christian texts from the Roman Archives of the Society of Jesus ; v. 10
Yesuhui Luoma dang'anguan Ming-Qing Tianzhujiao wenxian 耶穌會羅馬檔案館明清天主教文獻 ; 第10冊
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition初版Rec. #5314