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Zhouli zuanzhu 周禮纂註. [Jap-Sin I, 34/37, 4/1-4/2]
AuthorZhong Xing 鍾惺, 1574–1624
Chen Renxi 陳仁錫, 1581-1636
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Daten.d.Phys. Desc.2 v. ; n.d.
LC Authority record dates differ for authors: 鍾惺, 1574-1625. (follow DMB, Chan, et al.). 陳仁錫, 1581-1636 (follow LC Chinese name auth. rec.)

JapSin I, 34/37, 4/1-4/2
Zhouli zuanzhu 周禮纂註.
By Zhong Xing 鍾惺 (1574–1624).
Three juan in two volumes. Chinese bamboo paper.

On the cover of volume two there is a Latin inscription: “Cheu li, id est rituale imperii Chou cum interpretatione doctoris Chum pe kim [鍾伯敬] – olim liber classicus. 3 tomi.”
The title page of this book is missing. The upper middle of each folio gives the title; below is the name of the original editor (Yingqi): 瀛溪 (i.e., Shu Yingqi, see Jap-Sin I, 32). There is a preface by Jia Gongyan 賈公彥 (ca. 650) and another by Chen Renxi 陳仁錫 (1579–1634).
Juan 1 contains the Tianguan 天官 and the Diguan 地官. Folio 1a has the inscription: 鍾伯敬先生周禮纂註 (A collection of commentaries on the Zhouli by Mr. Zhong Bojing [i.e., Zhong Xing]) | 竟陵鍾伯敬父纂定 (Final edition under the care of Mr. Zhong Bojing of Jingling [Huguang]) | (With critical notes by Chen Renxi, [zi] Mingjing, of Gu Wu [Kiangsu]) | 龍丘舒文鼎調甫參訂 (Texts compared by Shu Wending, [zi] Tiaofu, of Longqiu [Zhejiang]).
Juan 2 contains the Chunguan 春官 and the Xiaguan 夏官; with critical notes by Zhang Cai 張采 (zi 受先, 1596–1648, cf. Jap-Sin I, 162) of Loudong 婁東 (Jiangsu).
Juan 3 contains the Qiuguan 秋官, the Dongguan 冬官and the Kaogong ji 考工集; with critical notes by Chen Zushou 陳組綬 (zi 伯玉, jinshi of 1634) of Jinling 晉陵 (Jiangsu).

From Chen’s preface it seems that the annotations of this book are by himself. It is not very clear what part was played by Zhong Xing (cf. DMB 1:409a). In Jap-Sin I, 8, we have made mention of the manuscript Gu Zhouli 古周禮, which has quite a number of annotations by Chen Renxi. If we compare these two books, it seems that the manuscript is clear, because one can identify the annotations of Chen Renxi from the introductory words: 明卿云 (Mingqing [the zi of Chen Renxi] says). A number of Chen’s remarks in the manuscript are not in the present book and, even if they appear in both, they are not always exactly the same. The attribution of this book to Zhong Xing is somewhat confusing.

Source: Albert Chan, SJ, Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, pp. 34-35.

Subject(s)Zhouli 周禮
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #5317