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Tianzhu shengjiao bai wenda 天主聖教百問答. [Jap-Sin I, 104]
AuthorCouplet, Philippe 柏應理, 1623-1693
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Daten.d.Phys. Desc.1 juan ; n.d.
JapSin I, 104
Tianzhu shengjiao bai wenda 天主聖教百問答.
By Bo Yingli 柏應理 (Philippe Couplet).
One juan. Chinese bamboo paper in one volume. No date or place of publication.
The cover bears an inscription in Chinese: Shengjiao bai wenda.” The Latin inscription reads: “100 quaesita et responsa | circa res fidei | a p. Philippo Cou | plet. S.J.”
The frontispiece bears the emblem of the Society of Jesus with the four characters 耶穌聖號 (the Holy Name of Jesus), one in each corner of the folio. The emblem is surrounded by a translation of Phil. 2, 10–11: 居上天神,居中世人,居下惡鬼,悉跽而敬吾主耶穌聖號. The verso of this folio bears the title of the book and the name of the author. Permission for publication was granted by He Dahua 何大化 (Antonio de Gouvea, 1592–1677).
Each half folio is divided into five divisions, containing questions and answers in small characters. The upper middle of each folio bears the title of the book; below the fish tail the number of the folio is given. The text consists of thirteen folios. The Act of Contrition (huizuijing 悔罪經) is given at the end.
The preface by Couplet is missing. However, it can be found in Hsü 1949, pp. 168–169. It is dated Kangxi yimao 乙卯 (1675). Since the book was published in the same year as his Simo zhenlun (cf. Jap-Sin I, 102), we are inclined to think that it also was published by the Jingyitang 敬一堂 of Shanghai. The statement of Pfister that it was published in Beijing, is probably incorrect.

Cf. Pfister, p. 310; Hsü 1949, pp. 168–169; Courant 7002–I.

Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, p. 155.

Subject(s)Catholic Church--China--Doctrines--17th century--Sources
Catholic Church--China--Apologetic works
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionARSIRec. #5368