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Dongjing menghua lu 東京夢華錄
AuthorMeng Yuanlao 孟元老, fl. 1126-1147
Pub. LocationTaibei Shi 臺北市PublisherTaiwan Shangwu yinshuguan 臺灣商務印書館
Date1971Phys. Desc.2, 208 p. ; 17.5 cm.
LocationStacksCall NumberAC149.R363 1540-1541
Dongjing menghua lu 東京夢華錄 / Meng Yuanlao zhuan 孟元老撰. 民國60 [1971].
".... lively and detailed descriptions of life in the Northern Song capital of Bianliang 汴梁 (Kaifeng) based on the author's reminiscences of his youthful years there ..." Cf. Wilkinson, E., Chinese history: a manual, p. 854.
Subject(s)Kaifeng Shi 開封市--Description
China--History--Song dynasty, 960-1279--Sources
China--Social conditions--Song dynasty, 960-1279
China--Capital and Capitol--Song dynasty, 960-1279
China--Social life and customs--Song dynasty, 960-1279
China--History--Song dynasty, 960-1279--Anecdotes
SeriesRenren wenku 人人文庫 ; 1540-1541
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionBibl. Sinensis Soc. IesuEdition臺一版Rec. #6006