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Shiliao yu shijie : Zhongwen wenxian yu Zhongguo Jidujiao shi yanjiu 史料與視界 : 中國文獻與中國基督教史研究
AuthorZhang Xianqing 張先清
Pub. LocationShanghai 上海PublisherShanghai renmin chubanshe 上海人民出版社
Date2007Phys. Desc.2, 8, 10, 491 p. ; 21 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBR1285.S45 2007
Shiliao yu shijie : Zhongwen wenxian yu Zhongguo Jidujiao shi yanjiu 史料與視界 : 中國文獻與中國基督教史研究 / Zhang Xianqing bian 張先清編.
Table of contents and abstracts also in English.
Includes bibliographical references.

中國文獻與中國基督教史研究 (Chinese sources and the study of the history of Christianity in China) / Li Tiangang 李天綱 -- 中國基督宗教史研究的史料與視界 (Sources and perspectives on the study of the history of Christianity in China) / 鍾鳴旦 (Nicolas Standaert) -- 康熙時代的歷算活動 : 基于檔案資料的新研究 (Mathematical and astronomical activities during the Kangxi reign period (1662) : a new approach through archival documents) / Han Qi 韓琦 -- 蘇努研究 (Research on Sunu) / Wu Boya 吳伯婭 -- 刊書傳教 : 清代禁教期天主教經卷在民間社會的流傳 (Preaching Christianity through books : the spread of Christian writings in the local society during the suppression of Christianity in the early Qing dynasty) / Zhang Xianqing 張先清 -- 解讀近代福建教會契約文書 (Unscrambling the covenent writs of the Fujian Church in modern times) / Li Li 李莉, Xie Bizhen 謝必震. -- 福州美以美會年議會錄初探 (A preliminary study of the annual conference record of the Fuzhou Episcopal Mission) / Chen Lin 陳林 -- 史料與中華基督教全國總會邊疆服務史實重建 (The historical materials and facts of the border service of the Church of Christ in China) / Deng Jie 鄧杰. -- 親歷者的體驗認知和文本資料的互補和局限 : 中國基督教男女青年會干事的口述采訪 (Study of the interviews with secretaries of the YMCA and YWCA / Zhao Xiaoyang 趙曉陽. -- 傳教運動的圈內聲音 : The Chinese Recorder (1867-1941)初論 (The voice from within the missionary circle: a preliminary discussion of The Chinese Recorder (1867-1941)) / Tao Feiya 陶飛亞 -- 從東西洋考每月統記傳看基督新教早期 (1807-1842)來華傳播 (A study of the early missionary work in China through the analysis of the East-West Examiner) / Lin Yuan 林轅 -- 陳垣與民國基督宗教界交游管窺 : 以往來書信為中心 (An examination of Chen Yuan’s relationships with Catholic and Protestant circles during the Republican era in China) / Liu Xian 劉賢 -- 廣雅書院的景教研究 (Studies on Nestorianism in Guangya Academy) / Zhang Shuqiong 張淑瓊 -- 中國基督教史研究的史料與視界 : 以中國基督教大學史研究為個案 (Sources and perspectives in the study of the history of Christianity in China : With the study of Christian higher eductaion in China as an example) / 吳梓明 Peter Tze-Ming Ng -- 雙重使命 : 傳教士與晚清中國知識結構的演化 (Double missions : Missionaries and the evolution of knowledge in the modern Qing period) / Wu Yixiong 吳義雄 -- 兩種話語 : 清末民初嶺東長老會的權勢轉移(1881-1927) (Two kinds of discourse : the transfer of power of Lingdong Presbyterians in late Qing and early Republican China) / Hu Weiqing 胡衛清 -- 聖母聖心會傳教士在內蒙古中西部的傳教探索 (Preaching activity in central and western Inner Mongolia by CICM missionaries during the late Qing dynasty) / Zhang Yu 張彧 -- 基督教與海外華僑的社會建構 : 以砂拉越詩巫為例 (1901-1951) (Christianity and the social construction of Overseas Chinese : a case study of Sibu, Sarawak (1901-1951)) / Zhu Feng 朱峰.

Subject(s)China--Church history--19th century
China--Church history--20th century
Missions--China--History--19th century
Missions--China--History--20th century
Christianity--China--History--19th-20th centuries
SeriesRenwen sheke xinlun congshu 人文社科新論叢書
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文[簡體字]
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition第1版Rec. #6668