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Shengxi guiyi 聖洗規儀. [Borg. Cin. 334 (16). BnF 7250. Jap-Sin I, 99]
AuthorMotel, Jacques 穆迪我, 1619-1692
Zhang Tingzan 張廷讚, fl. 1689
Pub. LocationWuchang 武昌PublisherYingdu Tianzhutang 郢都天主堂
Date1689Phys. Desc.dig.pdf + v. 18.111
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberBX1665.A24 B526 2009 [BX1665.A3 A23 2007cd]
In 法國國家圖書館明清天主教文獻. Chinese Christian texts from the National Library of France, vol. 18.111.
Full text online at BnF Gallica and Hong Kong Catholic Diocese Archives.
Dig.pdf. local access [Shengxi guiyi.pdf]

"Catechisms, but also prayer books, sometimes contain the text of the formal interrogation of the catechumen which took place just before the sacrament was administered, apparently to be used by catechists who (like everyone) were allowed and obliged to baptise people in articulo mortis. For instance, Jacques Motel 穆迪我, S.J., gives in his Shengxi guiyi 聖洗規儀 (1689) instructions of how to administer baptism.”--Cf. Standaert, Handbook of Christianity in China, v.1, p. 624.

[The following description pertains to ARSI ed., which varies slightly]
Jesuit Archives JapSin I, 99
Shengxi guiyi 聖洗規儀
By Mu Diwo 穆迪我 (Jacques Motel, 1616–1692).
Two juan. Chinese bamboo paper in one volume. Published by the Catholic Church of Yingdu 郢都 (Wuchang, Hunan) in 1689 (Kangxi 28).

The cover bears the title of the book with a Latin inscription: "Instructio ad baptis | mi susceptionem | a p. Jac. Motel | SJ."
The title page bears the title of the book in four large characters. On the right is the name of the author and on the left the place of publication. The verso of this folio gives again the author’s name together with the names of the censors: Bi Jia 畢嘉 (Giandomenico Gabiani) and Pan Guoliang 潘國良 (Emanuele Laurifice, 1646–1703). Permission for publication was granted by Yin Duoze 殷鐸澤 (Prospero Intorcetta, 1625–1696).
There is a preface (five folios) by Zhang Yulin 章玉琳 of Wulin 武林 (Hangzhou), dated Kangxi jisi 己巳 (1689), and another preface (eight folios) by Zhang Tingzan 張廷讚 (zi 化可), also dated 1689. Juan A deals with the doctrine of Baptism and juan B with its liturgy.
Each half folio contains eight columns. The first column of each paragraph contains twenty characters and the rest of the paragraph nineteen characters. Juan A consists of eighteen folios and juan B of twelve folios. According to the preface of Zhang Tingzan, the book was explained by Jacques Motel orally and taken down by Zhang himself.
Cf. Pfister, p. 304; Hsü 1949, pp. 176–177; Courant 7250–7251.
Source: Albert Chan, S.J., Chinese Books and Documents in the Jesuit Archives in Rome, p. 151.
Subject(s)Catechisms, Chinese--17th century
Baptism--Catholic Church--Liturgy--Chinese
Catholic Church--China--Liturgy--History--Sources
Catholic Church--Liturgy, Chinese--17th century
Rec. TypeDigital Book (CD)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #6971