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Tianzhujiao dongchuan wenxian 天主教東傳文獻
AuthorRicci, Matteo 利瑪竇, 1552-1610
Verbiest, Ferdinand 南懷仁, 1623-1688
Buglio, Lodovico 利類思, 1606-1682
Yang Tingyun 楊廷筠, 1562-1627
Pub. LocationTaibei Shi 臺北市PublisherTaiwan xuesheng shuju 臺灣學生書局
Date1965Phys. Desc.2, 4, 691, 5 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. +dig.ed.
LocationDigital Archives, and Hallway CasesCall NumberBX880.T56 1965
Li Madou dengzhu 利瑪竇等著.
Yingyin Fandigang tushuguancangben Bali guoli tushuguancang shouxieben 影印梵諦岡圖書館藏本巴黎國立圖書館藏手寫本.
Xiguo jifa / Limadou quanzhu -- Xichao ding'an / Nan Huairen -- Budeyi bian / Li Leisi -- Budeyi bian / Nan Huairen -- Daiyi pian / Yang Tingyun zhu -- Xichao chongzheng ji.
西國記法 / 利瑪竇詮著 -- 熙朝定案 / 南懷仁 -- 不得已辯 / 利類思 -- 不得已辨 / 南懷仁 -- 代疑篇 / 楊廷筠著 -- 熙朝崇正集.

Note: The following references are from Standaert, Handbook of Christianity in China, vol. 1:
Xiguo jifa 西國記法 : "important work transmitting European humanistic tradition to China ... on the art of memory (ars memorativa) compiled by Ricci and later revised and edited by Chinese convert Zhu Dinghan 朱鼎瀚 and Afonso Vagnone (1625)": p. 605, 788.
Xichao ding'an 熙朝定案 : ... 3rd important collection, by 1684 3 juan ... started in the early 1670's [for] the purpose of defending the "restored" Western astronomy (April 1669 Verbiest had replaced Yang Guangxian as head of the Astronomical Bureau) by publishing official documents (ding'an) which tell the story of its restoration [and] victories over subsequent attacks on the validity of Western astronomy ... by concentraiting on the role of Verbiest as a loyal and esteemed servant of the Emperor, Xichao ding'an was meant as an apology for Christianity itself..." ; Xichao ding'an was printed in several parts dating before 1672 ... pp. 71-224 reproduces BAV Barb. Or. 132.3 (1668-1673). Xichao ding'an apparently constituted one of the main sources for Zhengjiao fengbao 正教奉褒 : p. 132-134.
Xichao chongzheng ji 熙朝崇正集 : Memorials and edicts collected by missionaries and converts to show Imperial and official favor and respect for Christian doctrine. Cf. p. 132.
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Subject(s)Catholic Church--China--Sources
Jesuits--China--16th century--Sources
Jesuits--China--17th century--Sources
Memory techniques (Mnemonics)--16th century
SeriesZhongguo shixue congshu 中國史學叢書 ; 24
Rec. TypeBook, and Digital Book (PDF)LanguageChinese 中文
CollectionBibl. Sinensis Soc. IesuRec. #700