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François de Rougemont, S.J., missionary in Ch'ang-shu (Chiang-nan) : a study of the account book (1674-1676) and the Elogium
AuthorGolvers, Noël
Dudink, Ad 杜鼎克
Rougemont, François de 魯日滿, 1624-1676
Pub. LocationLeuvenPublisherLeuven University Press/Ferdinand Verbiest Foundation
Date1999Phys. Desc.xvii, 794 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3415.L489 no. 7
François de Rougemont, S.J., missionary in Ch'ang-shu (Chiang-nan) : a study of the account book (1674-1676) and the Elogium / Noël Golvers.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [749]-764) and indexes.
Appendices: Latin text of the Elogium--Analysis of the transcription system : The Transcription of Mandarin in the Account Book / Ad Dudink.
Keywords: Mission archives, mission finances, expenses, expense accounts, bookkeeping, money and monetary data, Christian topography, parish, parishes, lodging and provisions, staff expenses, romanization, latinization of Chinese names, personal accounts, Christian social stratification, Christian year, feasts, liturgical practices of the late Ming-early Qing, Sacraments, Baptism, Communion, Mass, catechism, Christian Sodalities, printed books on religion, catechetics, pictorial means, perspective, housing, clothing, attire, food and cooking, daily life, cost of living, taxes, heating.

Publishers note--This book reconstructs the life of a Jesuit missionary in a small inland residence in China (Ch'ang-shu, Chiang-nan Province), primarily but not exclusively on the basis of the evidence of a newly (re)discovered private Account Book covering the period from October 1674 to April/May 1676. This 'pocket' note book mainly represents the missionary's private expenses, and, to a much lesser extent, the revenues he received. As such it is an exceptional document in the missionary documentation. Absolutely unique is the part concerning his personal 'spiritual' exercises, his successes as well as failings in that field. After a lengthy introduction, in which both the life of the author and the complex composition of the Account Book are reconstructed, the text is presented, in a bilingual Latin - English edition. In seven chapters the contents are further described and analysed from various angles: the general topographical setting; the author's ten journeys through the region in 1674-1676; the social contacts referred to; the various aspects of priestly and pastoral life; the means of propagation, written as well as pictorial; the material culture of the mission; the financial structure of the whole undertaking, including the patterns of expenditure revealed. All the evidence available in this Account Book is combined with other contemporary information, mainly from unpublished sources, including a large number of quotations from the lost Couplet - Rougemont correspondence that has survived in Estrix's Elogium F. de Rougemont (1690), the text of which is also published here for the first time. Thus the Account Book assumes its place as an exceptional private document with a major relevance for the reconstruction of missionary life in China.

Contents: Introduction - 1. Biography of F. de Rougemont, S.J. - 2. The manuscript of the Account Book - 3. General appreciation of the Account Book c.s. as an historical source - 4. Appendix: conspectus litterarum/de Rougemonts correspondence - Text and translation – Commentaries
1. The topographical setting of the Account Book: The Christian topography of de Rougemont's 'parish' - 2. De Rougemonts movements inside his mission - 3. Social life: De Rougemont in Chines Society - 4. Priestly life - 5. The means of propagation and propaganda - 6. The material culture in the mission - 7. The finances of the mission.

Subject(s)Rougemont, François de 魯日滿, 1624-1676
Rougemont, François de 魯日滿, 1624-1676--Finance, Personal
Jesuits--Missions--China--17th century--Finances--Account books
Changshu 常熟 (Jiangsu Sheng)--Church history--Sources
SeriesLouvain Chinese studies ; 7
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #706