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Western learning and Christianity in China : the contribution and impact of Johann Adam Schall von Bell, 1592-1666
AuthorMalek, Roman
Schall von Bell, Johann Adam 湯若望, 1592-1666
International Schall Symposium (1992 : Sankt Augustin, Germany)
Pub. LocationSankt AugustinPublisherChina-Zentrum : Monumenta Serica Institute
Date1998Phys. Desc.2 v. (1259 p.) : ill., map ; 24 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBR1285.W47 1998
Edited by Roman Malek.
"The papers presented here ... are mainly the proceedings of the International Schall Symposium, held in Sankt Augustin in May 1992"-- p. xxi.
Each Western language essay includes Chinese abstract.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

Vol. 1. Johann Adam Schall von Bell and his 1992 Anniversary / Roman Malek -- Johann Adam Schall von Bell : a Jesuit / Peter Hans Kolvenbach -- Schall's educational foundation and the intellectual climate of his time / Arnold Sprenger -- Three issues on Johann Adam Schall von Bell / Lu Yao 路遙 -- J. A. Schall von Bell : Weltbild und Weltchronologie in der Chinamission im 17. Jahrhundert / Claudia von Collani -- J. A. Schall von Bell and Chinese tradtional philosophy / Ma Biao -- J. Adam Schall von Bell and the transition from the Ming to the Ch'ing Dynasty / John W. Witek -- Schall's role in the reform period between the Ming and Qing dynasties / Liu Mengxi 劉夢溪 -- Schall and the first Dutch diplomatic mission to the Qing empire / Hao Zhenhua 郝鎮華 -- Mandschurische Inschriften und Zeugnisse zu Johann Adam Schall von Bell / Giovanni Stary -- The Lost sheep of Adam Schall: reflections on the past and present of Zhalan (Shala) Cemetery / Edward J. Malatesta.
Adam Schall in the Pei-yu lu (Beiyou lu 北游錄) of T'an Ch'ien (Tan Qian 談遷) and in the eyes of his contemporaries / Albert Chan 陳綸緒, S.J. -- Johann Adam Schall 湯若望, Hsü Kuang-ch'i (Xu Guangqi 徐光啟), and Li T'ien-ching (Li Tianjing 李田經) / Min-sun Chen -- Yang Guangxian's opposition to Johann Adam Schall: Christianity and western science in his work Budeyi 不得已 / Eugenio Menegon -- Wang Zheng 王徵: a scientist, philosopher, and Catholic in Ming dynasty China / Ren Dayuan 任大援 -- Theologie und Astronomie in China / Claudia von Collani -- Astronomy and astrology: J. Adam Schall von Bell / Tiziana Lippiello -- East-West cultural confrontation and compromise in early Ch'ing China: a case study on Adam Schall's civil calendars / Huang Yi-Long 黃一農 -- The "Calendar Case" in th early Qing dynasty re-examined / Zhang Dawei 張大衛 -- J. A. Schall von Bell and Ptolomaic astronomy in China: aspects of the Western New Calendar (Xiyang xinfa lishu 西洋新法歷書) / Jiang Xiaoyuan 江曉原 -- Johann Adam Schall and astronomical works on star mappings / Keizo Hashimoto 橋本敬造 -- J .A. Schall von Bell and his horizontal sundial of the New Western Calendar and the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries / Gu Ning 顧寧 -- Les cartes astronomiques des missionnaires Jesuites en Chine: de Johann Adam Schall von Bell à Ignace Kogler et leur influence en Coree at au Japon / Minako Debergh -- Several newly found astronomical instruments related to J. A. Schall von Bell / Yi Shitong 伊世同 -- Quotations from the works of J. A. Schall von Bell in the Yixiang zhi 議象志 of Ferdinand Verbiest / Nicole Halberghe -- Notes on planetary theories in Giacomo Rho's Wuwei lizhi 五緯曆指 / Jean-Claude Martzloff.

Vol. 2. The "Chinese sciences" in policy questions from Confucian civil examinations during the late Ming / Benjamin A. Elman -- Mathematical knowledge in the Chongzhen lishu 崇禎歷書 / Catherine Jami -- J .A. Schall von Bell and the spread of Georgius Agricola's De re metallica in late Ming China / Pan Jixing 潘吉星 -- J. A. Schall von Bell and his book On Telescopes (Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說) / Zhang Zhishan 張至善 -- J. A. Schall von Bell und die wetlichen "Feuerwaffen" in China / Sun Xi 孫西 -- The Geyuan baxian biao 割圓八線表 and some remarks about the scientific collaboration between Schall, Rho, and Schreck / Isaia Iannaccone -- Diie Haltung der chinesischen Intellektuellen zur Xixue 西學 (Westliche Lehre) am Ende der Ming- und Anfang der Qing-Dynastie, Ein Vergleich von Matteo Ricci und Johann Adam Schall im Hinblick auf ihre Methode der "Evangelisierung durch Wissenschaft" / Yang Xiaohong 樣小紅 -- Modern scientific culture introduced into China by Catholic missionaries during the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties / Zhang Xiao 張曉 -- J. A. Schall von Bell in China: Propagating Catholicism through academic activities / Chen Song 陳崧 -- The religious works composed by J. A. Schall von Bell, especially his Zhuzhi qunzheng 主制群徵 and his efforts to convert the last Ming emperor / Adrian Dudink -- J. A. Schall and Zhuzhi qunzheng 主制群徵 / Zhao Pushan 趙璞珊 -- J. A. Schall and his work Zhuzhi qunzheng 主制群徵 / Xiao Liangqiong 肖良瓊 -- The wide apostolic concern of J. Adam Schall / Angelo S. Lazzarotto -- Der Beitrag von Johann Adam Schall von Bell zur einheimischen christlichen Kunst / Horst Rzepkowski -- J. A. Schall and the Jesuit mission in Vondel's Zungchin / Gregory Blue -- Der literarische Beitrag zur Darstellung der Jesuitenmission in China, insbesondere des Wirkens von J. Adam Schall von Bell / Adrian Hsia 夏瑞春 -- Das Portrat von Johann Adam Schall in Athanasius Kircher's China illustrata / Chang Sheng-ching 張省卿 -- Das Adam-Schall-Gemalde der Ars Sacra Pekinensis von Lu Hung-nien (Lu Hongnian 陸鴻年) / Horst Rzepkowski -- Differences and similarities of Chinese and Western culture as reflected in works written by early Jesuits in Chinese / Hao Guiyuan 郝貴遠 -- J. Adam Schall's writings in China / Yang Yi 楊怡 -- An introduction to some Chinese records and research on J. Adam Schall von Bell's scientific activities / Wang Bing 王冰 -- Research on J. Adam Schall von Bell in 19-20th century China / Gu Weimin 顧衛民 -- The Works of J. A. Schall von Bell in Tokugawa Japan / Yoshida Tadashi 吉田忠 -- Russian evidence of J. A. Schall von Bell / Tajana A. Pang -- The Development of the Confucius Sinarum Philosophus reconsidered in the light of new material / Noël Golvers -- Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz' Streben nach Harmonie zwischen China und Europa / Rita Widmaier -- The Introduction of European musical theory during the early Qing dynasty: the achievements of Thomas Pereira 徐日升 and Theodorico Pedrini 德理格 / Gerlinde Gild -- Science and faith in China today / Paul Shan 單國璽.

Subject(s)Schall von Bell, Johann Adam 湯若望, 1592-1666--Congresses
China--Church history--Congresses
Jesuits--China--16th-18th centuries--Contributions in science
Jesuits--China--16th-18th centuries--Contributions in astronomy
China--Civilization--Ming-Qing dynasties, 1368-1911--Jesuit influences
SeriesMonumenta serica monograph series ; 35
Rec. TypeBook (Proceedings)LanguageChinese, English, French, German
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #708