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Qianlong Xiyu zhantu midang huicui 乾隆西域戰圖秘檔薈萃
      Commissioned-painting documents of Western-regions in Qing Qianlong dynasty
AuthorZhongguo di 1 lishi dang'anguan 中國第一歷史檔案館
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies 北京中國學中心
Castiglione, Giuseppe 郎世寧, 1688-1766
Pub. LocationBeijing 北京PublisherBeijing chubanshe 北京出版社
Date2007Phys. Desc.viii, 211 p. : folding color ill. ; 38 cm. in case
LocationFolio Cabinet 1Call NumberDS754.15.Q52 2007
Qianlong Xiyu zhantu midang huicui 乾隆西域戰圖秘檔薈萃 = Commissioned-painting documents of Western-regions in Qing Qianlong dynasty / Zhongguo diyu lishi dang'anguan bian 中國第一歷史檔案館編 ; [co-sponsors: The Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History [Meiguo Jiujinshan daxue Li Madou Zhong-Xi wenhua lishi yanjiusuo] 美國舊金山大學利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所 ; The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies [Beijing Zhongguoxue zhongxin] 北京中國學中心. 編委會 : Zou Ailian 鄒愛蓮, Rang Andong 讓安東 (Ron Anton). 主編: Hu Zhongliang 胡忠良, Wu Xiaoxin 吳小新 ; 副主編: Liu Ruofang 劉若芳 ; 編輯: Guo Hui 郭慧, Dai Yihua 戴懿華 (Melissa Dale).
Drawings originally prepared by Jesuits Giuseppe Castiglione, Jean-Denis Attiret, Giovanni Damasceno, and Ignatius Sichelbart; Paris engravings under the direction of Charles-Nicolas Cochin of the Academie Royale.
Introduction also in English.

"Specialists from the First Historical Archives and the USF Ricci Institute have examined and reproduced art and archival documents related to the Qing dynasty’s Central Asian campaigns (1755-1759). ... it collects commissioned paintings, imperially penned poems, and related documents....key pieces of art and Qing imperial documents...(for) history, art history, military history, and East-West cultural exchange. The Pacification of the Western Regions [Pingding Xiyu zhantu 平定西域戰圖] depicts the Central Asian campaigns during which the Qing suppressed the rebellions of the Dzungar chieftain Dawaci 達瓦齊, leader of the Eleuth (Kalmuk) Mongols, and of the elder and younger Khojas, Muslim Uighur’s based at the souther borders of the Tianshan range....this publication includes selections of related historical documents in Chinese and Manchu, most of which are revealed to the public for the first time. These documents include the following categories:
1. Documents on the military campaigns to supress Dawaci, elder and younger Khojas by the Qianlong emperor as well as the Bureau of Military Affairs.
2. Reports by the General in Chief of Repressing Rebellion.
3. Reports by the governors of Shaanxi and Gansu Provinces on the preparation of horses, vehicles, and army provisions for the campaigns.
4. Imperial poems by the Qianlong emperor after the successful conclusion of the campaigns.
5. Poems submitted to the Qianlong emperor by officials.
6. Documents concerning details and expenditures for the French production of the copperplate engravings of the Pacification of the Western Regions.
7. Reports on various presentations of the war paintings.
Added keywords: Xinjiang 新疆, Zungars 準噶爾, Bushtu Khan, Galdan 噶爾丹, Bandi (General), Yongchang (General), Yarkand Khanate, Batu Khan.

Subject(s)China--History, Military--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911--Sources
China--History, Military--Central Asian campaigns, 1755-1759--Sources
Engraving, French--18th century
China--Border regions--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911
Military campaigns in art--China--18th century--Sources
Pacification of the Western Regions [Pingding Xiyu zhantu 平定西域戰圖]
China--History, Military--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911--Pictorial works
China--History--Qianlong 乾隆, 1736-1795--Sources
Jesuits--China--16th-18th centuries--Contributions in art and architecture
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese 中文
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryEdition第1版Rec. #7083