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Varia Scripta circa quosdam Sinarum usus controversos obLata Sanctissimo Domino ... Innocentio P.P. XII et Sacrae Congreg[atio] Sancti Officii
AuthorCharmot, Nicholas, 1645-1714
Maigrot, Charles 嚴嘉樂, 1652-1730
Cenci, Balthasar, 1648-1709
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1697Phys. Desc.290 p. ; 27 cm. + pdf.
LocationDigital Archives, and Rare Book CabinetCall NumberBV3413.V285 1697
Varia Scripta circa quosdam Sinarum usus controversos ob Lata Sanctissimo Domino ... Innocentio P.P. XII et Sacrae Congregni S.ti Officii... Anno Domini M.D.C.LXXXXVII.
Spine title: Varia Scripta M.S.

'Varia Scripta...' All are found published in the Historia Cultus Sinensium... Cologne, 1700 (Bibliotheca Missionum VII, 23-4 & 2075). The ms. includes all the anti-Jesuit material, but none of the pro-Jesuit material in the Historia Cultus. It is in European ink and on European paper. Cardinal Cenci's arms on the binding are significant, since Cenci appears to have been supplanted by Tournon as Legate, some allege because he was pro-Jesuit. -- P. Rule.

Sotheby's catalog entry, corrected (p.25):
[Lot 22]
CHINESE RITES CONTROVERSY—MANUSCRIPT ENTITLED "VARIA SCRIPTA CIRCA QUOSDAM SINARUM USUS CONTROVERSOS OB L.ATA SANCTISSIMIO DOMINO . . . INNOCENTIO P.P. XII ET SACRAE CONGREG[ATIO]NI SACTI OFFICII", on paper, containing copies of documents pertaining to the Chinese Rites Controversy, including Nicolas Charmot's letter to Innocent XII, a memorial to the Congregation of the Holy Office, the text of Maigrot's proscription of the Rites, and documents and letters resulting from it, approximately 290 pages, large 4to, in a single scribal hand, contemporary calf with the arms of Cardinal Balthasar Cenci (1648-1709), bookplate of the Hon. Frederic North, Earl of Guilford, Phillipps MS.5389, 1697
The documents include: the letter addressed to Innocent XII by Nicolas Charmot, sent to Rome as the envoy of Charles Maigrot the Apostolic Vicar of Fujian to obtain papal endorsement of Maigrot's decrees against the observance of the Rites (made March 1693); a memorial from Charmot to the Holy Office; a memorial to the Holy Office relating specifically to the decree by the Pope in 1697 ordering the Holy Office to re-examine the Rites question; a memorial to the Holy Office concerning the defence of the Rites submitted by the Jesuits; a long memorial written by Charles Maigrot to Innocent XII from Fukien in November 1693; the text of Maigrot's decree against the rites, March 1693; his long explanation of the reasoning leading to the decree, November, 1693; a declaration by Joannes Basset, Provicario Apostolico in Jiangxi, June 1693; a series of letters addressed to Maigrot all dated 1693, two of them from Johannes Franciscus a Leonessa (a Franciscan formerly in Nanjing, now at Huguang), the Dominican Thomas Croquer, Philibert Le Blanc (formerly of Fujian, now in Yunnan), Salvatori S. Thomas at Fujian, Jaime Tarin from Canton [Guangzhou], and two from Lucus Thomas at Fujian.

Balthasar Cenci was born in Rome where he received a Jesuit education. According to M. Guarnacci, Vitae, et res gestae Pontificum romanorum et S.R.E. Cardinalium, 1751, Cenci received the appointment of Apostolic Visitor and Legate a latere to China and the East Indies, the same title as that held by Charles Thomas Maillard de Tournon when he left Europe in 1703 to convey the decision of the Holy Office on the prohibition of both the Malabar and Chinese rites. Why Charles de Tournon rather than Cenci executed this historic mission is not clear, but Cenci's interest in the documents bound here is established.
中國禮儀爭論散文集 [拉丁文手稿] 一六九七年

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Subject(s)Chinese Rites controversy--Sources
Jesuits--Missions--China--History--17th-18th centuries--Views on Chinese rites
Maigrot, Charles 嚴嘉樂, 1652-1730--Historia cultus Sinensium
Rec. TypeDigital text [pdf], and ManuscriptLanguageLatin
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #8087