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[Chinese rites controversy. Collection of papers pertaining to the controversy and to the visit of Cardinal Maillard de Tournon]
Pub. Location---Publisher---
Date1705-1725Phys. Desc.83 items
LocationRare Book CabinetCall NumberLot 20
General Notes on Lot 20:
Chinese texts are copies on rice paper in Chinese ink, probably by a secretary. Some are marked as having been sent (to Macau?) by Fr. Pedro Muñoz, o.p. (from Guangzhou?). Some have Latin translations, often in a fine secretarial hand, and attested by either Andreas Candela, the Patriarch's Chancellor, or by J.F. Martin de la Balvere - both in Macau. Some of the translations are in Spanish (by Muñoz?). The comments on the outside may be in the hand of Candela and contain details of provenance (often "con una Lettera del P. Muñoz"), summary of contents and dates. They are usually in Italian, sometimes in Latin (the Latin ones perhaps in a different hand).
Since they deal with the arrival of Pedrini & Co. early in 1710, they cannot come from this group of Italian Propagandists, but must come from one of de Tournon's suite, and not Sala who had already left for Europe. Some of the Chinese documents (e.g. 6, 21) have pronunciation notes added to the copy, especially regarding the pronounciation of names. Some (e.g. 25) have Latin notes and Italian notes in different hands. Probably all come from the Sala papers, and the annotations appear to be his, but perhaps as used later in Europe by one of the compilers of narratives of the legation, such as Cardinal Passionei. –- P. Rule.

CHINESE RITES CONTROVERSY. COLLECTION OF PAPERS PERTAINING TO THE CONTROVERSY AND TO THE VISIT OF CARDINAL MAILLARD DE TOURNON, including copies of letters and proclamations by Tournon and the Archbishop of Goa, an account of Tournon's audience with the Emperor, a letter by Claude Visdelou, Tournon's only Jesuit supporter in China, letters of support from Rome and Paris, letters by Franciscans to Tournon, a list of missionaries working in China between 1706 and 1708, a memorandum concerning the translation of the Roman missal into Chinese, a memoir on the Chinese practices at funerals, and a French translation of a number of maxims of Confucius, upwards of 70 items, various sizes, some in Chinese characters, some on rice paper, c.1705 to 1725.
鐸羅等. 有關禮儀爭論書信 (七十多件, 手稿) 一七〇五年 -- From Sotheby's "Philip Robinson" catalog, p. 23.

N.B. Descriptions for Lot 20 items are revisions of notes written by Dr. Paul A. Rule (folders 1-83) and Dr. Wu Xiaoxin (folders 1-28, which include Chinese documents), Aug. 1989 & July-Aug. 1991).

Subject(s)Chinese Rites controversy--Sources
Catholic Church--China--History--Tournon legation, 1705-1710--Sources
Tournon, Charles-Thomas Maillard de 多羅, 1668-1710
Rec. TypeManuscriptLanguageItalian, Latin, Chinese
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #8088