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Nüduo 女鐸, 1912-1951. The Woman’s Messenger : Nü To Pao [Nüduobao 女鐸報]
AuthorChristian Literature Society of China [Guangxuehui 廣學會]
Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History 利瑪竇中西文化歷史研究所
Ma Changlin 馬長林
Wu Xiaoxin 吳小新
Pub. LocationGuilin 桂林PublisherGuilin Beibeite dianzi yinxiang chubanshe 桂林貝貝特電子音像出版社
Date2007Phys. Desc.2 DVD’s in case ; 26 cm. Booklet (49 p., 16 cm.)
LocationDirector's OfficeCall NumberHQ1767.N848 2007d
Nüduo 女鐸 (1912-1951) / cehua Ma Changlin, Wu Xiaoxin 策劃馬長林, 吳小新 ; zhengli Shanghai Shi dang'anguan 整理上海市檔案館.
Originally published: Shanghai 上海 : Guangxuehui 廣學會.
Articles mainly in Chinese with some in English; tables of contents also in English.
Original cover title also in English: The Woman’s Messenger – Nü To Pao.

"Nü Duo was published by the Christian Literature Society in Shanghai, which was a Christian missionary organization known for its efforts to spread Western scientific and cultural knowledge in China. Nü Duo was the first magazine for women published by the Christian Literature Society. Its contents include scientific knowledge, culture, literature, family and religion. Urban and educated women were its main readers. Nü Duo was in circulation between 1912 and 1951 with a total of 412 issues. .... in April 2006, a DVD-ROM publication agreement with Guangxi Normal University Press was established. In order to provide access to every item, staff members created 14,683 entries of catalogue style descriptions which cover all items in the entire journal. The search software .... was designed by Chen Ruohang and Qin Jingbo at the Guilin BBT Electronics Audiovisual Press.
Support from the Thomas Klitgaard Endowment and EDS-Stewart Endowment of the Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the USF Center for the Pacific Rim and the Publication Fund at the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies." –- Editors' note.

"Nü Duo (A Woman’s Messenger), also known as Nü To Pao in its early years, was started as a monthly magazine by the Christian Literature Society for China in April 1912 and ceased publication in 1951. It’s founding editor was Mrs. Laura White, an American. Later editors included: Mrs. E.B. MacGillivray, Li Guanfang, Zhu Yimei, and Liu Meili. The main columns in the journal focused on household management, learning, family values, fiction, biographies, literature, current affairs and drama. Articles shared the following characteristics: First, writers presented Christian thoughts and ethics through explanations of fundamental Christian moral concepts, women’s responsibilities, and the relationship between Christianity and Chinese society. Secod, writers, drew special attention to the changing social status of women by introducing developments in related issues in Europe , the United States, and the Soviet Union. Women were encourged to be involved in professional careers so as to seek changes in their own destiny and to establish equal relationships between men and women. Third, the journal presented knowledge on science and household care, including basic medical information on child care with guidance on how to maintain a harmonious family and ideal companionship. Fourth, it maintained distinguished political attitudes during important historical periods towards such crucial events as the anti-Japanese war and the establishment of the People’s Republic......In 1947, its circulation reached 3,000 copies per issue. Scholars consider Nü Duo to be the first Chinese women’s publication by a commercial press in China." -- Introduction.

Christian Literature Society of China [Guangxuehui 廣學會]--Publications
Women's periodicals, Chinese
Christian women--China--Periodicals
Women--China--Social conditions--20th century--Periodicals
Rec. TypePeriodical (DVD-ROM)LanguageChinese, English
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #8537