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The Sacred Edict of K'ang Hsi. [Shengyu guangxun 聖諭廣訓. English & Chinese]
AuthorKangxi 康熙, Emperor of China, 1654-1722
Yongzheng 雍正, Emperor of China, 1677-1735
Wang Youpu 王又樸, 1681-1760
Baller, F. W. (Frederick William), 1852-1922
Pub. LocationOrono, MEPublisherNational Poetry Foundation, University of Maine at Orono
Date1979Phys. Desc.vi, 216 p. ; 24 cm.
LocationReading RoomCall NumberB5234.C53 S53 1979
The Sacred Edict of K'ang Hsi / translations by F. W. Baller.
Chinese text and translation of Wang Youpu's colloquial version of the Sacred Edict; text of the Yongzheng version with the original preface is appended. (p. 182-211)
".... originally sixteen maxims of the Emperor Kang-hsi, each containing words issued as a Hortatory Edict in 1670. In 1724 Yong-cheng republished the Edict in an enlarged form. Wang-iu-puh...rendered this Exposition into colloquial..."--p. iii.
Facsimile title page. A limited facsimile edition of the 1924 (6th ed.) published by the China Inland Mission, Shanghai.
Includes index.

Topics: Duty and subordination, clan relationships and harmony, keeping the peace, farming and mulberry culture, thrift and economy, schools and academies, heretical sects, laws and penalties, courteousness, abiding in ones vocation, education of the young, prevention of false accusations, sheltering deserters, payment of taxes, wards and tithings, making up quarrels.

Subject(s)Conduct of life--China--Early works to 1800
Ethics, Chinese--Early works to 1800
China--Social life and customs--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911
Rec. TypeBookLanguageChinese-English
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #9170
ISBN0915032252 ; 9780915032259LCCN79-89636OCLC6211808