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Jesuit books: including science and travel
AuthorBernard Quaritch Ltd
Pub. LocationLondonPublisherBernard Quaritch Ltd
Date1997Phys. Desc.[64] p. ; 30 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberZ3108.L5 Q9 1997
Jesuit books including science & travel / Bernard Quaritch.
Catalog of Winter 1997-8 sale of Jesuitica, some dealing with China and East Asia, e.g. Bartoli; Pierre Martial Cibot, Lettre de Pekin, concerning Chinese script relative to Egyptian hieroglyphics as per Fr. J. T. Needham (14.); Juan Cortes Ossoria, Reparos historiales apologeticos... an attack on the Tratados historicos of Domincan Domingo Fernandez de Navarrete (key: Chinese Rites controversy)(18.); Luis Frois, Richard Willes, The history of travayle in the west and east Indies...(27.); Letters from Japan, Alcune lettere delle cose del Giappone, dell'anno 1579-1581 (36.); annual letters, missions overseas (Brazil, Mexico, Peru); Athanasius Kircher (43, 44, 45, 46, 47), on music electro-magnetism, Egyptology, geology ; Leibniz Novissima Sinica (50.) Gironimo Maiorica on the martyrs of Japan and rebellions in China (54.); Pedro Morejon on the persecution in Japan (printed in Mexico)(61.) Nicolau Pimenta reports from China and the Indies (69, 70); Luis Pineyro on the suppresion of Christianity in Japan (71.); Juan de Ribera letters from the Philippines (79); Ricci and Trigault's Entrata nella Cina (80); Semedo and Martini's Histoire universelle de la Chine (89).
Rec. TypeBook (Sale catalog)LanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #9202