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Chūgoku no kagaku bunmei 中国の科学文明
AuthorYabuuchi Kiyoshi 藪內清, 1906-2000
Pub. LocationTōkyō 東京PublisherIwanami Shoten 岩波書店
Date1970Phys. Desc.vi, 221, : ill. ; 18 cm.
LocationStacksCall NumberQ127.C5 Y26
Chūgoku no kagaku bunmei 中国の科学文明 / Yabuuchi Kiyoshi cho 藪內清著.
7th printing, 1979.
Iwanami shinsho 岩波新書 (cover: G58. t.p. : 759)
Note--Illustrations of Jesuits Ricci, Schall, and Verbiest, with Xu Guangqi, are taken from unnamed sources and appear very similar, but not identical to, the Zikawei paintings held at the Ricci Institute. (Possibly this is from the source used at Zikawei?).
SeriesIwanami shinsho 岩波新書
Rec. TypeBookLanguageJapanese
CollectionBibl. Sinensis Soc. IesuRec. #9556