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Authentic Chinese Christianity : preludes to its development (nineteenth and twentieth centuries)
AuthorGu Weiying 古偉瀛
De Ridder, Koen
Pub. LocationLeuvenPublisherLeuven University Press/Ferdinand Verbiest Foundation
Date2001Phys. Desc.198 p. : maps ; 24 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBV3415.L489 no. 9
Authentic Chinese Christianity : preludes to its development (nineteenth and twentieth centuries) / edited by Ku Wei-Ying and Koen De Ridder.
Includes bibliographical references.

Publishers note--This volume intends to tackle two problems. The first is the historical framework of imperialism - until now widely applied by Western and Chinese scholars as an approach to the Christian evangelization movement in China. The theological aspect of the missionary action is seldom taken into account, nor is religion treated as an authentic human experience. In this volume two authors try to place the position of the Christian mission in its broader context. Scott Somers reflects on the changing image of the Japanese occupation in Taiwan, based on Protestant missionary sources; Koen De Ridder discusses the early diplomatic contacts between China and Belgium and the position of the Belgian missionaries. A second problem dealt with is that of the native Christians. While Jessie Lutz attempts to sketch a profile of the Chinese Protestant evangelizers, Jean-Paul Wiest focuses his attention on the Roman Catholics among the Chinese Hakka minority. Gary Tiedemann explains the material, spiritual and political incentives for conversion among the inhabitants of North China, paying special attention to the socio-political profile of the converts. In the contribution of Ann Heylen we return to Taiwan, where we are offered a better understanding of the Protestant contribution to the study of the Min language. Finally, Karel Steenbrink describes the changing religious affiliation of assimilated Chinese in Indonesia during the period 1900-1942.

Contents: Introduction / Ku Wei-ying and Koen De Ridder -- Missionaries, opium and imperialism in the Western perceptions of the Japanese colonial empire in Taiwan / Scott Sommers -- The first diplomatic contacts between Belgium and China: its background and consequences for politics, trade and mission activity / Koen De Ridder -- A profile of Chinese protestant evangelists in the mid-nineteenth century / Jessie G. Lutz -- Was the Christian God partial to the Hakka people? / J.-P.Wiest -- Conversion patterns in North China. Sociological profiles of Chinese Christians, 1860-1912 / R.G. Tiedemann -- Missionary Linguistics on Taiwan. Romanizing Taiwanese: codification and standardization of dictionaries in Southern Min (1837-1923) / Ann Heylen -- The religious quest of the Chinese diaspora of Southeast Asia ca 1900-1942 / Karel Steenbrink.

Subject(s)Christianity and culture--China--History--19th-20th centuries
China--Civilization--Christian influences--19th-20th centuries
Missionaries--China--19th-20th centuries
Missions--China--History--19th century
Missions--China--History--20th century
China--Church history--19th century
China--Church history--20th century
SeriesLouvain Chinese studies ; 9
Rec. TypeBookLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #9604
ISBN905867102X ; 9789058671028LCCN2001395161OCLC47780307