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The Fascinating God : a challenge to modern Chinese theology presented by a text on the name of God written by a 17th century Chinese student of theology. [Di Tian kao 帝天考. English]
AuthorStandaert, Nicolas 鐘鳴旦
Yan Mo 嚴謨, b.1640?
Pub. LocationRomePublisherPontifical Gregorian University
Date1995Phys. Desc.ix, 153, [1] p. ; 24 cm.
LocationHallway CasesCall NumberBT30.C6 S73 1995
The fascinating God : a challenge to modern Chinese theology presented by a text on the name of God written by a 17th century Chinese student of theology / Nicolas Standaert.
Originally presented as the author's thesis--Fujen Catholic University.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 147-[154])

Introduction: 17th century Chinese students of theology--I. Yan Mo and the Ditiankao: Yan Mo's life, writings--Ditiankao: versions, title, date, arrangement of the text--difference between versions A and B--Translation: list of quotations--personal discussion--Analysis: Idea of God in Personal Discussion--Sources: hermeneutical argument--Attributes of God: proofs in Chinese Classics--God and the human being: historical argument--Without beginning, Trinity, Creation: textual approach--Heaven and Master of Heaven: literary approach--Difference between Yan Mo and the Song commentaries. II: On the idea of the Dieties "Heaven" or "Lord" in the Book of Documents, the Book of Odes, The Analects and the Mencius--Methodology: Question of the texts--Heaven and the human being--Book of Documents--Book of Odes--Analects--Mencius--Classics and the Ditiankao--Bibliography.

"In connection with the Rites Controversy towards the end of the seventeenth century, several Chinese literati wrote important essays explaining the issues from a Chinese perspective .... Yan Mo (baptised as Paul, suigong 1709) wrote ... Di Tian kao 帝天考 (Investigation of Lord and Heaven), a discussion of the usage of Tianzhu 天主 (Lord of Heaven) with the terms Tian and Shangdi as found in the Classics such as Shujing and Shijing, as well as the works of Confucius and Mencius..." Cf. Standaert, Handbook of Christianity in China, v.1, p.434.

Subject(s)Yan Mo 嚴謨, b. 1640? Di Tian kao 帝天考
God (Chinese Religion)
Christianity and other religions--Chinese
Tian 天 (religious concept)
Shangdi 上帝 (Chinese deity)
Theology, Doctrinal--China--History--Sources
SeriesInculturation ; 17
Rec. TypeThesis/DissertationLanguageEnglish
CollectionRicci Institute LibraryRec. #9826
ISBN9788876526800 ; 8876526803OCLC34004125